The next morning I woke up and got ready for our day out, Farzeen, Rizwana and Safiah all came over to my place as we planned and then we left to have breakfast at a local restaurant called Isabella’s. 
After breakfast we went to Sandton, we shopped and shopped until we couldn’t walk anymore. We went for lunch at Nandos and then decided to go watch a movie called The Best Man Holiday.
Ahmed had to attend a business meeting in China so we haven’t spoken much this week. I miss him a lot, it is like someone is torturing me and I somehow blamed his Chinese business partners.
So this week whenever he got a chance he messaged me so that I wouldn’t get upset. I called Ahmed when I got home. We spoke for an hour, he only wanted to know about my adventurous week since all he did was work. 
I called Safiah over for supper, we really got to know more about each other. She is a very conscious person, she worries a lot about what other people say about her, she thinks she is overweight but really I don’t see it. 
She is very pretty and I think her lack of confidence is what kept her locked up in the house and too afraid to go out. She has two siblings, a brother elder then her and a sister younger. She has always compared herself to her brothers girlfriends who were always super skinny. 
It got worse when she thought her sister was better then her. I feel for her she never really had much confidence growing up and her family did nothing to help her boost her confidence, according to her they always put her down. 
I’m glad she has come out of some of it, she has a good taste of fashion and has a great personality, she just needs confidence and little push to get out there. 
I come from a small town and people were not really shy. Everyone knows everyone’s business so if you shy you won’t take liking to everyone knowing your business. 
Sunday was just another relaxing day. The weather was cloudy and it was raining so I couldn’t go out but it suited me perfect. Ahmed and I spent most of the day chatting. We also skyped a few times in the day, technology was a real gift for us. 
The girls came over in the evening to watch a movie, then we played 30seconds until I kicked them all out because Ahmed called. 
Next morning I was dreading going to work. The weekends are bad, I have been having so much of fun on weekends that I have started to hate weekdays. Well I guess we have to work to have the fun on weekends. 
The week was busy but flew by so quick and I was not complaining at all but I was grumbling about the weekend because I had to work, I brought my work home. I guess month end is always going to be like this. I have to get use to this.
I didn’t cook much this weekend I ordered take away, Aunty Rubina and Uncle Abdullah went out town for the weekend to attend a wedding. The kids were not invited so they crashed at my place the weekend, the girls slept over by me and Imraan stayed in their house but hanged around by me till late. 
Safiah popped in a bit today, her parents were over Friday and Saturday so she spent time with them, she was excited that she took them around Jo’burg a bit. Her parents were glad she was finally making friends. 
I was glad that although the girls were at my place I still got all my work done by Saturday morning and could enjoy the rest of the weekend. I helped out a bit at the orphanage that the complex secretaries wife Aneesa helps out at.
My brother Yaseen was coming over for a week, the company he works for closed for a week so he decided to come spend it with me and he wanted to hang out with Imraan as well. 
Yaseen arrived Monday morning just before I left for work, I felt bad leaving him alone but he was fine with it. I was glad the hectic weekend was over but being month end for accountants it’s hectic. I worked a bit later then usual on Monday and Tuesday. 
Aunty Rubina was practically looking after Yaseen with meals and also took care of the house for the two days. She was also sweet and made supper because by the time I got home was too late to make anything. 
When I got home on Wednesday I saw another car parked in my spot. I was annoyed that I had to park in the visitors parking and walk to my apartment. I enter the house and see my brother has a lady friend over, I was really not up for company after a hectic day at work.
So unexpectedly and totally annoyed I asked ” So who you and what you doing here?” 
Just then my brother comes out of the room and says, “this is Raeesa my friend, Also you don’t have to be rude to her.” I was now furious but said nothing I just walked away and hoped she and he would do the same. 
I put my things down in my room and went to Aunty Rubina, I didn’t let them know I was angry at Yaseen. I was hoping that before I got back that girl would be gone. I messaged Yaseen to tell him I’ll be home in two minutes and I want that girl gone. 
After two minutes exactly I went back to my apartment and saw she was just leaving, I made him go fetch my car. Then I sat him down and told him that after a long day at work I don’t want some idiot parking in my parking spot. I also don’t want anyone in my house without my permission.  
Most importantly I needed to know who this chick is. I tried asking Yaseen but he didn’t answer, which annoyed me more. I was getting no answers from him, I was now convinced he came to Jo’burg for this girl and he didn’t tell anyone. 
I called my mum and asked her why did the company he works for close just like that for a week, I also asked my mum if she knew who this girl was. My mum knew nothing about this girl and was just as furious as I was about him having a girl over in my house without my permission. 
I left him that night, I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the evening. I left early the the next morning before he could even wake up. Ahmed was coming back from China today and I was fetching him from the airport because he had some work in Jo’burg. 
He was arriving very early so I took the morning off to fetch him and spend a few hours together before I went back to the office. I fetched Ahmed and we went straight home. I made breakfast for us and then sorted out lunch for him while he took a shower. 
Yaseen and I were still not talking but I didn’t mention anything to Ahmed. I didn’t want to bother him after a long flight back. We sat and spoke a bit about his trip and how much we missed each other. Then I left for work and left Ahmed and Yaseen at my apartment. 

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