It’s strange how you can get so attached to someone in such a short time, maybe it’s only with those who are special. Ahmed has now become a part of my life, that part of my life I can’t see myself living without him.
They stayed for a few minutes and then left. I went to Zinat to see if she needed help cleaning up and just to spend a little time with her. I got back home and remembered about the parcel Ahmed gave me. 
I went upstairs and opened the wrapping of the parcel and found that there was another wrapping, then I saw the card. It read ” just like passing the parcel you would open each wrap with this we want you to do the same, a little token of our love to welcome a new member to our family.” 
As I opened the next wrapper I found a charm bracelet and on the wrapper read “The first from me, to the love of my life, a symbol of our journey together, add on as we go on this journey together. “
The next wrapper I opened I found a scarf and the wrapper read ” To the most wonderful person, we adore you and want to cherish the special sisterhood we going to have, this scarf is a welcome to our sisterhood, love Kausar and Sumaya.”
The last wrapper I opened I found a stunning Abaya with swaroski crystals, a matching scarf, a set of gold bangles and a envelope. I opened the envelope and found a letter.
The letter read ” To our dear Daughter, We welcome you to your new family. We love you a lot. We are so happy and lucky that we got you as a daughter, we hope you start this new journey with all that you deserve. From Your new parents Ashraf and Shenaaz. ” 
I was left in tears, the gifts were awesome but more touching was the kind and loving words. These people have a lot of love for me. I can’t wait to be part of their family. 
After lunch I also had to go back to Jo’burg with my two companions Imraan and Farzeen, they were really having a blast with my brothers. They didn’t want to leave. They kept begging me to stay one more day. I didn’t give in to their demands. 
Before we left my mum and dad gave me a present and asked me to only open it when I got to Jo’burg. What was with all these presents. While I was on the road I got a message from Ahmed, they were half way home. I messaged him back to let him know I had just left. 
It was a long journey back home. I slept most of the way back, I had Imraan drive us back to Jo’burg. We reached just before Asr. Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina were not at home they had gone out so Imraan and Farzeen stayed by me until they for back. 
We all took a nap before maghrib, we were really tired after the late nights and traveling. When we woke up Uncle Abdullah and them were back. We had supper together and then Imraan and Farzeen told them about our adventurous weekend. They couldn’t get enough of it. 
The best part of the story was the surprises I got. I wanted to go to bed early but as I was getting into bed Ahmed called and we spoke for hours until I fell asleep with my phone on the pillow and my ear on the phone. 
I called him the next morning to apologize for falling asleep like that and he said he could totally understand because he asked me something and I said he just remember me saying 3 sleep and he was out as well. 
I got ready for work and I left I was late so I didn’t even go to Aunty Rubina and do my daily check in but I did call her from the office. Farzeen calls me at work and tells me about a fund raising her friends at university are doing for Palestine, she wanted to know if I wanted to join them. 
I was glad to do my part for this worthy cause. I have to be there tomorrow at 3pm to help them sell as many tickets for the fund raising banquet, I came up with the idea to approach all our clients to help this worthy cause. 
I had the office staff also pitch in, everyone wanted to help they even got their family members to buy tickets. It was something small that we could do to raise funds. 
I asked around in the complex and a lot of the people there bought tickets. I was surprised to see so many people that wanted to help towards this cause. My boss didn’t buy a ticket but he donated money towards the cause, so I was grateful for that. 
A few days after the fund raiser we had the banquet and what a huge turnout. It was overwhelming and a proud moment for humanity, so many people cared for what was happening to innocent human beings, small children, women, animals and innocent men are being killed. 
I was really exhausted so I left the banquet early, I got home and Asad called me, he heard from Muneer about Ahmed and I and he called to congratulate me. He was a bit sad I could hear it in his voice. Before he put the phone down he said “the best man always wins.”
I was enjoying gym and made a few friends in the complex, I met a lovely girl Safiah, she is also staying on her own, just like me she moved to Jo’burg because of work, she is from a town called komatipoort. 
She doesn’t have much friends around here and has no family here. I felt bad for her, she spends all her days alone the only friends she has are her work friends and they usually only go out for lunch and that’s it, they don’t get together on weekends or evenings. 
I invited her to join me everyday for supper, I though it would be nice instead of her eating alone. I know I would hate that, lucky I have Aunty Rubina and her family otherwise I would be in the same shoes as Safiah. 
I told her not to prepare supper everyday because my mum sent so much food stuff and Aunty Rubina sends for me as well everyday but she doesn’t listen so now I make her bring salads or the extras that go with whatever I’m cooking that day. 
Safiah has never been out to fordsburg or any of the malls, she gets all her things from the local supermarket and butcher, so I decided that Friday night I would take her and Farzeen and Rizwana out to fordsburg and then Saturday we would go to a mall. 
So Friday finally came and we all got together at my place and got ready we left for fordsburg just after maghrib and went to eat at spill the beans. There was a group of guys sitting at the table behind us but a few tables away. I had my back facing them so I couldn’t see but Safiah and Farzeen were facing them. 
A few of the guys Farzeen recognized from university but didn’t really know them, they kept sending the waiter with something or the other, first it was drinks for us then it went to with a starter, I was a bit annoyed so I sent the waiter with a note saying thank you for the drinks and starter but we can pay for our own meals. 
It was not the first time I’ve experienced this and Farzeen said it happens a lot with her and her friends, these boys buy you food and drinks and then they start following you and it’s all for a conversation and your number. 
We didn’t have all this at home so I wasn’t use to it and I wasn’t going to tolerate it, I had two young ladies with me and on a first night out with Safiah I didn’t want her to have a bad time. After I sent the note everytime they sent something I had it sent back. 
I was annoyed at their behaviour and called the manager to have a word with them, they were not even having anything to eat their main purpose of being in the restaurant was to tease girls. I was not going to let them upset our night. 
As we finished supper Imraan called and Farzeen told him what was happening so he and his friends decided to come to us, they were also in fordsburg so it took him two minutes to get to us. The minute these boys saw them they walked out of the restaurant. 

When we got home I apologized to Safiah but she was cool, she said she had a great time and wouldn’t mind going again. 


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