Today was Ahmeds last day in town, after three weeks I was going home for the weekend, I was sad that I was spending my last day with Ahmed and I will only see him now in a months time but I was delighted that I was going home.
After Jummah I went to help the ladies with the hampers for the orphanage, then I packed the car and waited for Ahmed, Imraan and Farzeen. Imraan and Farzeen were coming home with me for the weekend, Ahmed was leaving the same time as us only he was going home. 
Imraan and Farzeen finally came from university so we packed their things and left to Ahmeds house, I greeted him and then we left. The road trip home was fun with company, we sang to the songs that played and talked the whole way. I couldn’t wait to get home. 
We finally got here and everyone was at home to see me. Zinat and Sameer, Asad, Ridhwaan, Muneer, my brothers, Zinats parents and My cousins and Uncles. My mum practically told all our friends and family that I was coming home for the weekend. 
Farzeen and Imraan were shocked at the fact that one person was returning after three weeks and such a warm welcome. I did warn them in the car but I don’t think it was as effective as experiencing it first hand. 
It was nice to see everyone and hear everyone’s stories, Asad and Ridhwaan were getting along well and we’re even spending time together, they play golf together and have braais and so on, Zinat and Sameer they were doing well, Zinat picked up some hobbies to spend her free time on. 
My cousins and Uncles were all the same, work, shop, same old stuff nothing new. My dad didn’t say much while everyone was around but he asked about Ahmed when everyone left. I told him everything that happened, he seemed happy. 
After supper we sat by the fire place and had hot chocolate and coffee while we told my brothers stories about our three weeks together, Imraan and Farzeen really felt at home and I can see they enjoying themselves. 
The next morning after breakfast I took Imraan and Farzeen around town, it was perfect for everyone who was on the secret, I think I was the only one who didn’t know. I wanted to take them out to lunch but they refused and said they tired and want to go home. 
When we got home I saw Ahmeds car in the drive way and his parents car. I went inside totally shocked that they were there. Zinat and Sameer were also there. I asked my mum what was happening and she said Ahmed called my dad on Thursday night.  
He asked my dad if he could bring his family over, I went to the lounge greeted them all and then I asked to speak to Ahmed in private. 
“What are you up to?” I asked. 
“Well we had to tell our family and I thought since your dad said we should only continue this relationship if we serious about getting married to each other, also I don’t want to commit any more sins,” he replied. 
What could I say after that speech, I just went with the flow. They all introduced themselves so lucky I didn’t have to do that. I helped my mum a bit in the kitchen, I was so nervous, this was not expected. I could kill Zinat for not telling me. 
I wondered how did Ahmed go home and then still come here so fresh, he should of been tired, the journey is long. Then I found out that his parents came last night and he left after us and came straight to Zinats house, his parents also stayed at Zinats house. 
Zinat came last night so I wouldn’t suspect anything but I did wonder why she left before everyone when she usually leaves last. Anyways we all sat and spoke in the lounge while the adults sat on the patio and spoke about Ahmed and I. 
Then I took Ahmed around the house and we sat a bit in my room chatting, I asked him one last time if he was sure this is what he wanted. We went down for lunch and then after lunch my dad asked all the youngsters to go out for a bit and Ahmed and I should stay behind only. 
They decided to go for desserts at the new place that opened in town. My dad had us all gather in the lounge, I was really nervous, I knew this was a bad idea. Ahmed shouldn’t of decided to meet the families so soon. They not taking it well. I can sense it, all these thoughts went through my mind. 
Then my dad said ” so you two want to get married, I’m glad my daughter found someone like Ahmed, I approve and I give to both my blessings.”
Shew that was a relief now for the other three parents to say something. I sat opposite Ahmed and I kept looking at him, I felt like jumping up with joy because my dad approved but I was really scared not knowing what his parents felt. 
Then Ahmed Father,Uncle Ashraf said, he had no objections, he and Aunty Shenaaz loved me from the first time they met me and wanted me for their daughter-in-law. A sigh of relief now just my mum. Then my mum got up and went to the kitchen. 
Now I was stressing, did she not approve but she was happy with us being together when we were in Jo’burg.   Then my mum walks in with a plate in her hand, a plate of mithais, her way of saying she is happy. I was so glad but why did they send everyone away. 
My dad said he just wanted them to wait in the other room but they decided to go out but it wasn’t so bad because they got back just as we got done. Everyone was so happy. My dad said we will discuss the dates and so on later. 
I spent the rest of the day with Ahmed because he was leaving the next day and I would only see him after a month. We went out that evening for supper, just the two of us, the rest stayed at home for supper. 
Ahmed gave me a parcel before we got home. “What is this?” I asked.
“Something from my parents,” he replied. “But only open it tomorrow once we gone,” he added. 
I was dying to see what was in the parcel but I promised so I couldn’t open until the next day. They all left to go to Zinats. There were going to stay over by her and go back home tomorrow. 
This morning my mum made a whole lot of finger food for them to take with as padkos. I helped her make some of it but my mum was awake and in the kitchen so early. 
We had breakfast and then Ahmeds family came over to greet us before they left. I am going to miss him a lot. 

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