I got back home in the evening and called my mum, I told her I would leave the keys by Aunty Rubina and that I would have lunch cooked so she shouldn’t worry to bring food. 
I kept thinking about how I would tell my mum about Ahmed and I, I know my mum loves me but she is always against the things I do. She never liked that I worked, she never liked me moving, she never liked me going out with friends unless it was Zinat and now this I know she won’t like this. 
Now that I’m thinking of it the more I think it’s not such a good idea, but it has to come out sooner or later and I guess better now when we just at the beginning of the relationship then when we too deep in. 
The next morning I went to work, I had so much to catch up on. I had meetings the whole morning then I had to go to Sandton for the afternoon to do an audit for one of our clients. I didn’t end up going back to the office and when straight home from there. 
My mum was by Aunty Rubina when I got home, my brother was not yet back, I hinted to Aunty Rubina that I needed to talk to my mum. So she told my mum she had to go to one of the neighbours who are sickly just to feed them.  
My mum said “it’s okay anyways Saaj is here now so I won’t be bored at home.” so I sat with my mum and were catching up on two weeks of gossip, then I slowly asked her if she remember Mr Khan, the client I went to see last month. 
She remembered him and how sweet his family was, she had all good to say about them well at least from what I told her, then I dropped the bomb, ” Well Ahmed is in town and we have been spending a lot of time together and we really like each other,” I said. “Oh that’s great honey, atleast you have a friend here,”she said. 
“Mum you don’t understand, we in love with each other, he’s coming over tonight to meet you and Ziyaad,” I said. She was calm about it but said my dad won’t be too happy about it. 
I started panicking, I can already see my mum trying to convince my dad to hate this idea, I explained to my mum the reason we telling everyone is so that we don’t have to hide from everyone and commit sins. Then she finally understood. 
This is the one time I was glad for Jo’burg traffic. My brother came home and I told him about Ahmed. He was so happy and excited, well at least someone was happy for us.
Shortly after Ahmed knocked on the door. My brother opened the door, they greeted and then Ahmed introduced himself. My brother and him really hit it off, they liked the same soccer team Manchester United, I just don’t get soccer. 
My mum also seemed fine with Ahmed, she asked him a few things about his family, what he does and the big one what plans he has for us and his future. I must say he handled it well.
We had supper and then sat and spoke a bit, then Ahmed went home. My mum sorted their stuff out so they can get home early, she wanted to talk to my dad and she hates traveling late. Also she is always uncomfortable when she is out of the house, I was surprised she came twice to stay. 
I went to work a bit late the next day, I wanted to see off my mum and brother and then I went to work. Ahmed and I met for lunch, “I thought your mum and brother were staying for two days,” Ahmed said. “I thought so too, my brother was suppose to go today for the second course but they called him last night and cancelled,” I replied.
When I got home I decided to visit the gym in the complex, Imraan told me about how great it is so I had to check it out for myself. I signed up for a few zumba classes. 
After that I went to see the secretary of the complex, his wife was helping out a orphanage and I wanted to offer my assistance. They were packing small hampers for the kiddies on Friday afternoon so it worked out perfect for me.When I got home Ahmed was waiting outside for me. 
“What you doing here?” I asked. 
“I came to visit you, can’t I come? I didn’t know I needed a invitation or needed to make an appointment,” he replied. 
I just laughed.
When we got inside the house he asked me what I would say if he called my parents and asked them if he could come over next weekend, since I am going home and he is done with his work in Jo’burg.
Instead of him going home he would have his parents come to my parents house and then he and I could meet them there. 
“Why do you want the families to meet now?” aren’t they only suppose to meet if we decide to get married?” I asked. ” 
Oh yeah I didn’t really ask right,”he replied. 
“Ask what?” I asked. 
He didn’t answer, I left it at that, I took it as he was confused. I didn’t prepare anything for supper because there was so much leftovers and I didn’t expect Ahmed to come for supper, he did say he was going to be busy. 
Anyways I took the leftover chicken and made toasted sandwiches while Ahmed set up my new tall boy system that he bought because according to him you can’t watch movies with out the right sound. 
Ahmed went next door to get some tools he needed for setting up the tall boy. My feet were sore in heels so I went to change my shoes and I notice a box on my bed. I opened it and it was the most beautiful necklace that had a heart shape pendant with swaroski crystals. 
Ahmed walked into the room and asked, “do you like it? “
“I love it, it’s so beautiful, I replied.
He put the necklace on for me,it’s stunning I love it to bits. I was not expecting anything. I did ask him if it was a special occasion and his answer was that every day with me is special. I felt so special and loved. 
My first gift from Ahmed, it’s such a special moment, after supper Ahmed finished installing the tall boy system and we watched Safe Haven. My mum called to see if I was okay and I told her about the gift Ahmed gave me, she thought it was so sweet of him.
My mum said she spoke to my dad and he is fine with it as long as we know what we doing but he doesn’t want us to see each other if it’s just a relationship and then few months down the line we split and I’m on to someone else a while after that. He wants us to see each other only if it’s a serious relationship leading to marriage. 

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