Ahmed left around 11pm, I felt a bit sad that he was going to leave town so soon. I would of loved to spend more time together especially since we just on the starting point of our relationship. 
I guess it’s not always a bed of roses. Today is such a gloomy day it’s cloudy outside and cold, looks like it’s going to rain. I decided to stay in today and just relax at home. 
Ahmed wanted to go out but I wasn’t in the mood, so he came over. He knew I was a bit sad because he was going to leave soon so he ordered pizzas and we watched Indian movies the whole day. 
Farzeen and Rizwana came by to see what I was doing and decided to watch a movie with us, until Aunty Rubina called both of them to study. 
Zinat kept calling and I kept ignoring her call just because I know I can’t hide anything from her and if I speak to her I’m going to blurt it out and Ahmed doesn’t want me telling anyone for now.
For how long am I going to ignore her? I have to at some time answer her calls and if I don’t it might just put pressure on our friendship. I spoke to Ahmed again and told him exactly what kind of relationship I have with Zinat. 
He agreed to me telling her as long as she doesn’t tell anyone. So I called Zinat and told her all the juicy news and asked her not to tell anyone, not even Sameer or my family. 
I explained to her that we first want to see this relationship work ourselves before we told everyone. I sent her a photo of us together because she blackmailed me as she usually does.
Zinat said she and Sameer are coming to Jo’burg on Friday for the weekend, she got a function to attend to on sunday and they wanted to do some shopping on Saturday. I told her to come over for meals by me.
Imraan came over after and we watched movies and he and Ahmed played playstation games while I took a nap. For supper Ahmed wanted just the two of us to go out and have a romantic dinner. 
I didn’t want to make him feel bad so I went, we went to fordsburg again, it was okay wasn’t so busy as Saturday night was. We went straight to the restuarant and sat in a corner table away from everyone, well no one could really see us. 
So it was kind of romantic, after supper we had coffee and brownies, oh their lindt brownies at Jimmy’s are to die for. Then we drove back home and sat by the fire place on the carpet and just cuddled for a while to get warm. 
My mum called and said that she will be coming to Jo’burg with my brother, he is coming for a 2 day course, I couldn’t say no don’t come I got my boyfriend around everyday. So I said “Yes come it will be nice for me, I’m missing you all so much.”
When I got off the phone I told Ahmed that my mum and brother will be here on Tuesday and Wednesday, he didn’t seem to happy but there was nothing he could do so he just said ” oh that’s nice” and then jokingly said ” I can finally meet the inlaws.” 
I just laughed what else could I do. Well we could spend lunch time together and maybe a little before I got home. I don’t know how long I can keep this a secret, with my mum around it’s not so easy hiding things from her. 
If I’m on my phone too often messaging and taking calls she will figure something is wrong. On the other hand maybe two days away from each other will give us a feel of how things will be when Ahmed goes back home.
I suggested that maybe we shouldn’t see each other at all for the two days and see how it works so we know how it will be when he has to go back. He thought I was crazy and said it would kill him knowing that he has to pass the complex before he gets to his complex. 
I said “it’s a test for both you and I,” so he asked ” if I would consider taking Monday off and spending it at his apartment and then he would cancel all his Monday meetings. 
I thought about it and then agreed after he begged like a hundred times. I called Sadia and told her I wouldn’t be in tomorrow and she should cancel all my meetings and I won’t be taking calls either for the day. 
Ahmed went home and I cleaned up the house a bit so my mum wouldn’t freak when she came, then I went to bed. The next morning I woke up, got ready and went to Ahmeds apartment.
I didn’t even tell Aunty Rubina or anyone that I wasn’t going to work. When I got there he was still in the shower so I waited in the lounge, his domestic let me in. He had her come in earlier so she could be gone earlier. 
When he got out of the shower, we made breakfast together and then sat in the lounge talking. We wanted to make the best of the day. He closed all his windows and curtains so no one would disturb us. We spoke about family, friends and the relationships we have with our family and friends.
Just to understand each others lives with others and who is important in our lives. We also spoke about what we want in life, how our families are, what our parents are like, our upbringing. I was glad I took the day off. 
It changed our relationship, we started to trust each other more, like each other more, respect each other more, just by spending one day with each other and no one else has drawn us closer to each other. 
We made chicken salad for lunch, as I sat down at the table Ahmed says “I think it’s time we tell our parents.”
“Is this the right time, Is it not too soon,” I asked. 
Ahmed thought since we now know much more about each other and we comfortable with each other, we can now tell our parents. I am still not so sure about it. I still think it’s too soon.
Later today he tells me that he’s sure he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and that’s why he wants us to tell our parents. He asked me what I want, I know I love him and I would like to spend my life with him. 
I get where he is coming from, we both know that dating is haraam, we both know that we can’t keep this secret any longer and we don’t want to commit any sins so it would be good if we told our parents and then took it from there. 
We wouldn’t have to hide from anyone then. I still felt it soon but he said he would come Tuesday evening and speak to my mum and brother first and then if my mum agrees to us telling everyone then we would go ahead with it. 



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