I sat at the back and Imraan kept looking in the review mirror smiling at me like he knew something was up. When we got to his friends house Imraan waited till I got off the car, he came closer to me and said “I know your secret.”
“I was like, yeah right how you know,” he said he could see it. Just then his friend Sakina came to the car to fetch us.
Imraan introduced us and we went up to the house while the men brought the things from the car.
Sakina is a second year student at university studying law, she is a very pretty lady and very confident and stylish. She liked anything that had bling, I could see her confidence in the bold colour lipstick she wore.
“You shouldn’t of brought anything, I did tell Imraan to tell you,” Sakina Said.
“Imraan did tell me but I couldn’t come empty handed and for the first time as well what a bad impression that would make on me,” I replied.
Sakina said no one really brings anything, she usually prepares all the food, her father gets the meat marinated from the butcher and then she makes salads and desserts and side dishes.
I felt bad it was as if her friends were taking advantage because her father was doing things, they not very rich so they must be feeling the pinch, I guess being an accountant I tend to watch on costs.
As we sat around the kitchen table some of their other friends arrived, Zubieda she is a Aalima and teachers in the private madness, she wears Abaya full time, she comes from a middle class family so she dresses simple but nice.
Shabnam and Hasina both study law with Sakina, they are sisters, Zubieda is their cousin. Shabnam was a perfectionist. She kept saying it when she was telling us the story of her baking ordeal. 
Hasina is more on the shy side, she doesn’t like to attract attention and is very soft spoken. We sat around waiting for the rest of his friends. 
Ahmed was feeling a bit uncomfortable with all the ladies, I could see it, I asked him if he wanted to leave early and he said no so I left it at that. He said he was fine. 
When Imraans other friends came they started the braai, I got along well with Zubieda and Sakina, I felt Shabnam was too loud and all over the place and Hasina I hardly spoke to she was just too quiet for me. 
After the braai Sakina gave me her number she said if I was around or wanted to hang out I should let her know. I was glad I was making friends or at least acquaintances. 
We dropped Ahmed at his apartment and headed back home, Imraan was a bit upset, he was really quiet in the car, so on our way back home I asked him what was wrong. 
He was upset at Sakina because she invited Adeel who he is enemies with and Sakina being his girlfriend should know this. Okay I was shocked Sakina and Imraan are going out and she invited his enemy. 
I didn’t know what to say so I just tried to comfort him an dried to make him not blame her, “maybe someone else brought him and she didn’t invite him,” I said. He seemed to calm down before we got home. 
I was exhausted from the long day I had so I went straight home and in bed. Ahmed text me but I was too tired to chat so I called him and we spoke for 5 minutes only.
Today my family from Canada will be coming over before they go to the airport. I woke up early had breakfast, got ready and started with preparing lunch. 
Ahmed came over to help, I told him he didn’t have to come I would manage but he didn’t listen. I like that he helps around the house although sometimes he can get all chatty and slow me down a bit. 
My uncle and them arrived just before lunch. I introduced them to Ahmed, my uncle is never shy and asked straight out “so Ahmed you interested in my niece, how you know each other? “
They got along well though, after lunch we cleaned up and then sat around for a while before we left to the airport. I gave them all their gifts before they left so they could put it in their bags before we left. 
My uncle arranged for his rental car to be picked up from me and we went in my car and Ahmeds car. It was sad letting them go, we hardly see them but we so close to them.  
My cousins always keep in touch even if we get too busy to, they always so warm and filled with so much love. Miss them a lot when they not around. 
After we left the airport we came back to my apartment and then relaxed for a bit. We decided to take Imraan, Farzeen and Rizwana to fordsburg for the evening. 
We walked around a bit and then went to Jimmy’s for supper, the most delicious food we had, just talking about it my mouth is watering. Then we went to spill the beans for desserts. 
Actually we didn’t plan on desserts, while taking our last lap around fordsburg we decided to have desserts. We got back home around 9pm. 
We went to my apartment and played board games until we couldn’t keep our eyes open. The girls and Imraan left and Ahmed and I stayed up chatting. 
We discussed where our relationship is going, especially since he will be going back home in a weeks time. Then our relationship will be on phone mostly until he gets to come to Jo’burg again. 
He does come often like once a month for a week or sometimes longer since they have so many businesses here. 



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