I mentioned to Ahmed that it’s strange that we have so much to talk about and even told him that I enjoyed his company, that’s when he said he felt the same, his never had the feeling of always wanting to be around someone and always wanting to speak to someone.
We spoke a bit about our feelings, not for each other but feelings of how we made each other feel. It was a bit awkward for sometime after that. 
Then Ahmed left, I was so confused, what just happened I kept asking myself. Did I have feelings for him? Maybe all this feelings are coming out because we spending more time together. Maybe it’s nothing really. 
I tried getting some sleep but it bugged me trying to figure out what was happening. Should I message him or not? I don’t want to disturb him. 
I finally brought myself to message him, he was awake as well, he also kept thinking about what happened. I told him about the conclusion I came up with and he agreed it could be that we just spending a lot of time together. 
Fridays is a short day for me at work, office closes at 2pm every Friday but I go for lunch from 12pm. So I invited Ahmed over for lunch we needed to talk. 
I got home and did final touches for lunch. I read my namaaz and then Aunty Rubina came over, I didn’t know if it was okay to tell her about Ahmed but I felt comfortable telling her. 
I thought it was a good idea before I spoke to Ahmed that I get myself sorted and I know exactly what to say, so I told Aunty Rubina and she thinks that I have feelings for him, more then a friend but I just can’t see it or I do see it but I don’t want to admit it. 
I don’t know if that’s how I feel but Aunty Rubina has a point, Aunty Rubina told me to sort out things today, she asked everyone at her house not to disturb me. 
Anyways Ahmed came home after namaaz, we had lunch and then Ahmed washed the dishes.
Maybe Aunty Rubina is right, I’ve always wanted a man who had his head in the right place, a man who isn’t afraid to show his feelings and who is caring and loving, not only to me but to humanity. 
Ahmed is the type of guy who is not shy to show anyone that he can work around the house although he is a rich businessman. 
He is down to earth and has a very humble personality. Maybe that’s what I like most about him. He is also tall and handsome, not too tall but just right for me. 
Wait did I just say that, did I just admit he is the one for me. Oh my word! This is big! I need to tell this to someone. 
I was so nervous after admitting to myself that I have feelings for Ahmed. I didn’t know if I could talk to him, but now that I know all the more reason to talk to him.
So after we packed the dishes I set out dessert in the lounge and I was confident and ready to speak to Ahmed. We sat down and I gave him his dessert, he started speaking about us. 
How he tried to make sense of the conclusion I came to and he thinks there’s more to it then just being friends and spending time together. Apparently he spoke to his mother this morning and she told him he has “a clear case of love,” he said in her exact words. 
I was somewhat shocked because I know I like him a lot but love him? I’m not so sure how to react to this. I told him how I feel and I know for sure I like him lot, more then a friend. 
I don’t know why but it felt so foolish, like we were teenagers trying to figure out our feelings and didn’t know how to react. I don’t know how this usually works because I’ve never really had feelings for anyone like this before. 
I’ve never had a relationship with a man like this before. I’ve had man interested in me but I was never interested in them. I know with Asad I felt all gloomy and mushy but this because of how he has that effect on every woman he tries to charm.
It was never anything serious with him and with Ridhwaan I liked him as a person but nothing more. He was a good human being.
So Ahmed and I realized we have feelings for each other, we sat and spoke about what to do next, he doesn’t want to tell our family immediately, he wants to wait a bit, he wants us to first see if things between us can work before we tell our parents. 
Although he told his mother about his feelings he said he wouldn’t tell her we were officially seeing each other. I told him that I told Aunty Rubina and I will tell her we seeing each other because if he is going to come around here often they will want to know why. 
He agreed as long as they don’t tell my parents. We hugged and sat a bit closer, holding hands we spoke a bit more until Imraan came knocking on the door. I completely forgot that I was going out with him tonight. 
I told Ahmed that I had plans for the evening with Imraan, he didn’t mind although he did say he would of liked us to spend time together. I went to freshen up and sort out all the things I was taking with. 
Imraan offered Ahmed to join us, Ahmed felt bad to just gate crash but Imraan kept insisting so he came with us. We first went to drop of Ahmeds car at his apartment and then drove in Imraans car to his friends house. 
So I asked Imraan how come this get together is at girls house, usually girls parents don’t allow them to have boys over. He said his friends father is really cool and he doesn’t mind, he prefers having his daughters in sight then out of sight but without prisoning them.



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