I made chicken boti this morning, I asked Aunty Rubina to bake some potatoes for me and she made dessert, she also sent some portuguese chicken and she made rotis as well. 
I was glad Mr Khan didn’t have to have stale food, that would of been my worst nightmare but I felt bad for him, he complained of how he was tired of having take aways and restaurant food since he is here in town. 
I know if he was in my home town I would definitely have invited him home for meals. 
After supper we sat in the lounge and spoke about work and businesses, then things got a bit personal, he asked some questions some of what I didn’t have answers to and some I didn’t want to answer. 
Then I manage to change the topic, we spoke about family and relationships with friends and making new friends. 
“You know you can call me by my name, it’s Ahmed if you didn’t know”, Mr Khan said. “I do know your name, because of work it’s easier to say Mr Khan,”I replied.
Anyways he insisted when we not in the office I call him Ahmed and not Mr Khan. It felt strange but I guess I will get use to it. Ahmed left at around 10pm, I was worried that his place was far but he said only when he got to my apartment did he realise his apartment is a few streets away. 
I asked him to message me when he got home. After 5 minutes of leaving he messaged me, in fact he messaged me the whole night, I only put my phone down at midnight. 
The next morning I woke up for Fajr and then cooked my supper, I then had breakfast and got ready for work. I was done early so I went through some emails waiting for time to pass by. 
Ahmed calls, I checked my phone and saw his name, I kept wondering what he wanted so early in the morning. He just phoned to thank me for a lovely evening and inquired how I was doing. 
Today was a quiet day at work, I did the usual audits, just as I was ready to leave the office Farzeen called me and asked me if I could pick her up from university. 
I picked her up and we went home, it was nice having company in the car instead of driving alone. I suggested to her the days she has normal hours at university that we can travel together instead of us taking two cars. 
When I got home I saw a bouquet on the dining table. It was from Ahmed he sent it as a thank you, we’ll that’s what it said on the card. 
My mum called, we spoke for a while, she told me all the news in town and I told her about my few days here. She was upset that I didn’t tell her I was sick but she was glad I had so many people who care around me.
I had supper and chilled in front of the tv, I couldn’t make this my routine, I needed something to do and quick before I lost my mind and tv became my only companion. 
I called Farzeen over to find out about the things I could do around here like maybe some volunteer work, gym, book club something beside sitting in front of the tv. 
I needed to make friend here, friends of my age maybe it would be a good idea, as I was chatting to Farzeen, Imraan walked in and he suggested I join him to a get together with his friends on Friday evening and I could maybe meet few of his girl friends that are more or less my age. 
I thought it was a great idea. We sat and spoke about what I would do back home and about my friends there.
After they left I jumped into bed and decided to check out my Facebook. I had a few new invites from work and Ahmed also sent me an invite, as I was about to switch of my lights and get to bed Ahmed called. 
“Why you not replying to my messages?” He asked. “Sorry I had visitors over I didn’t even realize I didn’t have my phone with me, was there something you wanted?”I asked.
He didn’t want anything specific, he just wanted to chat. We spoke over the phone for about an hour and then we messaged each other until midnight. 
The next day I spoke to my cousin to confirm their times of their flights. I sorted out their gifts and made sure I packed it in a way were it’s easy for them to carry. 
I asked them to come over to me first since they were leaving four hours early for the flight and I was not far from the airport instead of them waiting at the airport for four hours. 
After work I needed to make something to take with to the get together thing tomorrow that I was going to with Imraan. I didn’t know what to make, I messaged my mum to send me some recipes to accompany at a braai. 
My mum send me recipes for salads, side dishes and desserts, I asked Imraan to ask his friend what can I bring, maybe she could cut her list of things short and give me one or two things to make, she insisted I not bring anything but I couldn’t go empty handed. 
I baked some ferrero cupcakes and oreo cupcakes and baked some biscuits for my guests and also to take some, then I made a dessert and a salad. 
Imraan came over to check what I was doing and said I was making too much. I ignored him, what do men really know when it comes to women things. 
Imraan helped me clean up and then we hear a knock at the door. It’s Ahmed, he came over to visit and didn’t know I was busy. Well I was done so I asked him to come in and Imraan sat with him while I finished up in the kitchen. 
A few minutes after Rizwana walks in to call us for supper. Imraan invited Ahmed to stay for supper, he was a bit hesitant but when Imraan and Rizwana left I asked him to stay. 
We had supper and came back to my apartment. We sat and spoke for hours, there was some connection between us, these few days have been strange to some extent, I could never imagine having so much to talk about especially with Ahmed.

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