I didn’t stay too long after supper I was so tired from my first day at the office. I went home and called Zinat, I felt bad that I wasn’t around and she was sad about it.
We caught up on all our stories she was more interested in what I had been up to the last few days. I felt good speaking to her, she said because she was all depressed that I ‘left’ her Sameer has been spoiling her. 
Today I have meetings the whole morning and I’m meeting Farzeen for lunch, she wants to show me the places she usually hangs around at so if I’m off early or I want to meet up for lunch I’m familiar with the area. 
After my meeting I text Farzeen to let her know I’m done. She came to pick me up, I followed her in my car, she needed to get back to lectures after lunch and I didn’t want her wasting the time or cutting her lunch just to drop me off. 
We went to a lovely restaurant near the university she attends. She introduced me to some of her friends and then we had lunch on our own, I felt bad that I was taking her away from her friends but she said she needed a break from them sometimes. 
Weird but I guess some friends smother you, lucky I haven’t come around those kind of friends. After lunch I decided not to go back to the office instead I went to the nearby mall and got gifts for my family from Canada. 
After that I went home, I was really tired from the whole move and it was taking a toll on my body, I messaged my boss to let him know I’m not feeling too good so I’m home early. 
I got home and jumped straight into bed. Aunty Rubina called her doctor although I told her I just needed some sleep and I would be fine. Aunty Rubina really reminded me of my mum and she took care of me like her own child. 
it’s strange to see people like them still exist in today’s time. Usually people only think about themselves or only do for you if it benefits them. 
I slept the rest of the afternoon and woke up when Rizwana came in to check on me and that was around 5pm. 
I never missed my mum being around to take care of me because I had so many people to take care of me here, Farzeen and Rizwana decided to sleep over to take of me. 
I got an entire lecture from Rizwana telling me that I shouldn’t go to work tomorrow and I must not go for the next few days. I couldn’t take of I just started work but she insisted. I left it for the evening and said I would sort it out in the morning. 
I didn’t tell anyone at home I was sick and I told everyone not to, I didn’t want my mum worrying about me over a little exhaustion.
Uncle Abdullahs friend that lives in the complex heard I was not too well so his wife and him came over to see me. I felt a bit strange though, I didn’t really know them.
Some work colleagues also came over, lucky I baked some cuppucinno cupcakes and some ferrero biscuits the night before. 
After everyone left I finally got some rest and tried to get some office work done. Lucky I didn’t have to worry about ironing clothes for the next day, Aunty Rubina had the helper iron all my clothes. 
I got to bed, tried to fall asleep although it took me a while I managed to get some sleep. The next morning I woke up got ready for work and woke the girls up. 
Aunty Rubina made breakfast for us, Imraan offered to take me to work an drive me back home and Aunty Rubina told me it’s not an option she has ordered him to do so. 
It was his day off so I didn’t really want to disturb him, I’ve been enough of nuisance to them all. I feel so guilty, it makes me think about my dad’s decision to live right next to his cousin as not being such a good idea. 
You don’t really want to trouble people and be a nuisance, after a while people do feel you taking advantage even if you not. 
I got to work, tried to take things a bit easy,everyone at work was really good to me, because I was not too well they all made sure they did what they could to make me comfortable. 
I had a lunch meeting so I ordered refreshments for the clients. It was a long and busy meeting. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better it did. 
You won’t guess who came to the office. Mr Khan came in to see me, he heard from our other offices that I was now in the Jo’burg branch and because he was in the area he decided to pay me a visit. 
I was really surprised and in a way happy to see a familiar face. I spent time chatting to him so much that I didn’t realize time was getting away. 
Mr Khan was in town for business and he was alone so I offered him to come over for supper. I called Aunty Rubina and told her I wouldn’t be joining them for supper because I have a business associate coming over for supper. 
She asked me to bring him to her house but I knew he wouldn’t be comfortable so I declined. She said I shouldn’t worry she would send the food over to me and make dessert as well. 
I couldn’t of asked for anything better. After work Mr Khan followed me home. I went to Aunty Rubina and Mr khan came with me, I introduced him to everyone and then went to my apartment. 

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