Finally my mum seemed happy about my move, she even mentioned how she was glad that I was independent and that she felt better about the move seeing all the support I have here and people I can rely on.
My mum always worried I would be alone, but Uncle Abdullahs’ daughters were so friendly, although they were a few years younger they were very matured, his eldest daughter is in matric this year and his youngest is in grade 11. 
Their names are Rizwana and Farzeen. Rizwana is the youngest, she is so sweet, she calls me apa(big sister). I just moved there and already she has a list of things we can do together. 
My mum and brothers are leaving tomorrow, I haven’t stayed on my own before so it will be a new experience for me. I would of loved them to stay longer but I start work and I don’t want them to put their lives on hold for me.
I went to bed early, I didn’t want to be sleepy the first day, what example would I be setting for the others, my responsibilities have increased and I needed to get settled soon so I could concentrate at work.
The next morning my mum and brothers left after Fajr, I was a bit emotional letting them go. It was like a piece of me was leaving. I cried a bit knowing I was now in a big city all on my own and I would miss my mums homemade food. 
I had to pull myself together and get ready for work, I had to leave a bit early so I could find the place. I made my lunch and packed some snacks as well, I got ready for work and checked in by Aunty Rubina.
She asked me to pop in before I leave for work and when I get back so she knows if I’m around or not. I thought it was a sweet gesture although I didn’t want to bother them but she assured me they’re awake by then.
I got into my car put the radio on to see how traffic was and listen to the news and left the complex all ready for work. 
I didn’t have any difficulty finding the office, my brother had set up the garmin but still I was a bit worried sometimes you can’t rely fully on technology.
I expected to be the outcast but I fitted in very well, everyone is so friendly and welcoming, apparently the previous person was very moody so nobody liked him. 
I’ve heard everyone’s version of what a bad person he was but I didn’t really meet him so I wouldn’t know. 
Anyways they planned a get together lunch for my first day which I thought was really special. I was glad I was around some great people and I can see myself having a good work experience. 
After work I went to the mall to get a gift for Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina, just something small to express my gratitude. I don’t think I would of managed to do anything without them. 
I got something for the girls as well and the son although I haven’t met him yet, he was gone out the weekend with his friends and when I left in the morning he was still asleep. 
Anyways when I got home I popped in by Aunty Rubina, she made supper for me as well, she asked me to come over for supper. It was so sweet of her. 
I had already prepared supper in the morning but she insisted. I went home and took out a dessert premix my mum bought from the lady back home. 
I felt bad that they already did so much and Aunty Rubina is still doing so much. I asked Aunty Rubina to ask her domestic helper is she could find me a helper for once a week. 
Aunty Rubina told her domestic when she is done by they house she must clean my house everyday and do my washing in the morning when she does there’s. 
I offered to pay her half her salary but Uncle Abdullah said he wouldn’t speak to me if I did that. It’s one house and their domestic has agreed to work by me as well. I still felt bad because I know she only agreed because he increased her salary. 
I called my mum before I went for supper, She was so happy to hear from me, she said they really missing me especially my dad. 
My uncle and his family from Canada are leaving this Saturday back, they will be leaving from O.R. Thambo airport so at least I will be able to meet them before they leave. 
Zinat is so lost without you, she came to visit today and she was literally in tears, my mum said. I felt so sad after that, we have never been apart besides the time she went for her honeymoon.
I went to next door for supper, Aunty Rubina was so impressed that I had dessert made in two hours, I told her my trick and gave her the ladies number.
I gave them all their presents they were all so happy although they kept saying I should of not got them anything. They only doing their duty as family. I felt so loved. 
I met their son for the first time, Imraan is such a bubbly funny person, although he has been through so much in life he forgets it all and lives with the happiness of what he has today. 
I was really impressed with his maturity and his take on life, for someone that has gone through so much he really appreciate what he has been given by the Almighty. We tend to forget to count our blessing. Makes me think of all the things I need to be grateful for.

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