Everyone I invited came for the braai, I was so glad and felt so loved. It was a really special night for me. 
After the braai I made a point to go to each and every person and spoke to them a little, I’m going to miss all of them. I had a special bond with each person.
I was glad that Ridhwaan and Asad made it and they were getting along as well. I sat with both of them for a while, Asad seemed to be very sad that I was leaving. 
He said that just when we got to become friends I’m making a move and we three wouldn’t get the chance to become best friends. 
Does that kind of friendship exist, I don’t know but it sounded fun but in a childish kind of way. 
Anyways when some of the guests left my uncles and aunts and cousins and Zinat, Ridhwaan, Asad and Muneer all gathered in the lounge, I was just told that we going in for tea.
My mum put up the tea and asked me to watch it for her, I didn’t even know something was happening while I was in the kitchen. 
I brought the tea and goodies to the lounge and saw everyone comfortably seated and ready to watch a dvd, I was really surprised my brothers put together all our special moments from the time we babies right up until our last get together. 
Then everyone handed me gifts, I was overwhelmed by the love, it made me sad to leave but I had to. 
The next morning I woke up for Fajr and then got all my things ready and brought down to the living room, then I got ready had breakfast and was all set to go.
My mum and brothers also got ready on time and we left just on time. Although we were just a few minutes away I could already feel that emptiness when you leave family behind. 
I hate that feeling, anyways we finally arrived at my apartment, we got out and went to Uncle Abdullahs’ apartment. 
His wife Aunty Rubina prepared lunch and snacks for us and the kids helped us off load everything. When I got to my apartment I saw my furniture was already there so my brothers, Uncle Abdullah and his friends son came to help set up the furniture.
My mum and I made the beds and started unpacking things for the kitchen. Aunty Rubina had to run a few errands but came to help when she got back, we managed to pack most of the stuff. 
I didn’t have much so it was not so bad and I didn’t have to waste time on cleaning because Aunty Rubina had her helper clean in the morning. 
I was glad I had family around although I didn’t know them as well as I would of liked to but we have met them a few times and they have come home before. 
I knew they had two daughter both still schooling but I heard them speak about their son who is in university I didn’t say anything while they were around but when they went I asked my mum about him.
Apparently he is their adopted son, shortly after they got married Aunty Rubina mum passed away and their son Hussain was staying with Aunty Rubina mum, she use to foster kids from the orphanage so when she passed away they decided to adopt him. 
I thought it was really kind of them. I couldn’t wait to meet him as well he sounded like a colourful person.
After lunch we packed some stuff and tried to get as much sorted as we could. It really helped that my mum and brothers came with, it made the unpacking so much easier and we literally finished unpack everything in one day. 
My mum suggested we go shopping tomorrow so that I could have all the goodies I needed and I would also familiarize myself with the stores.
We went to the mall to get some groceries, the Indian groceries and meat my mum sorted out and brought all that from home. I needed to get some pots and pans so we went to Le Creuset and bought me some baking pans, pans, pots and some other goodies. 
When we got home I received a call from a lady by the name of Sadia, she works here in the Jo’burg offices, she was at the complex gates, my boss sent her to check if I needed anything. 
I was really impressed with my bosses concern, he is always known in the office to be the grumpy old man, well that’s what everyone calls him although I have never had him being rude or grumpy with me. 
I always told my colleagues that he can’t be grumpy or bad because I’ve never experienced him being so in the years that I’ve been working for him. 

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