The next day at work my boss confirmed all the paper work for my move, I had to move by the weekend. Shew I had so much to do before I moved. 
Needed to pack, greet all my friends and family and sort out the work I had here. Then when I get there I need to see what I need for my apartment.
The company does have a flat in Jo’burg but my dad wanted me to live in the same complex as his cousin so my boss offered to pay for that, there was a apartment next to my dad’s cousin and apparently  I was lucky to get it.
I went home told my parents at supper that I would need to move by the weekend. My mum started panicking already.
“What you going to do about food? You going to be so busy there will be no time to cook, what about organizing your apartment I have to go with you for a few days,” my mum rambled.
I told her my boss asked me to go from Friday and get sorted the weekend so I could start on Monday but she was adamant on coming with me. I didn’t argue further because I know it is difficult for my mum.
I had just three days to pack and sort out everything at home before the big move. I made a list of the things I needed to get and all the things I needed to do. It seemed so little time and so much that I had to do. 
My mum decided instead of me going to each person to greet, we should have a braai on Thursday before I leave. I invited all my friends and family including Asad and Ridhwaan. 
I started packing already to make things a bit less hectic and I didn’t want to leave it for last minute and end up forgetting things.
The next few days I had taken off from work, I spent the time with my family, I’ve never been away from them although I would just be an hour and half away from my family I would still miss them. 
I could feel the anxiety creeping in, I started having panic attacks, I’ve never lived alone before what would I do when I got home, who would I talk to.I realized why mum was so worried and didn’t want me to go.
The next morning I went to visit Zinat, she invited me over for breakfast. I told her about my anxiety, it was comforting talking to her just getting all my emotions out, I felt so much better and made the move seem easier.
I got back home and packed some of my stuff while my mum baked some yummy goodies, my mum had packed marinated meat for me earlier, she said it would make my life easier, she labeled everything so I would know what is what. 
My mum ordered some goodies from a lady in town, she had cake and dessert premixes as well as some snacks. I kept telling my mum I would get all that in Jo’burg but she didn’t want to listen. 
I hung out with my cousins for the rest of the afternoon, when my dad got home he wanted to discuss finances, he said that I didn’t need to give him money every month although he never did ask I always just gave, he said I would need it for the rent as well and my monthly expenses like groceries, water and light, DSTV bill, telephone. 
That’s when it hit me I was leaving home and I was going to see my family only when we free. 
My brothers were trying to cheer me up and invited themselves over to my apartment, they said they finally got a place to crash in Jo’burg where they don’t have to clean and cook for themselves.
That evening all my family came over to visit, they wanted to spend all the time with me. 
The weekend my uncle from Canada is going to Durban to see his wife’s family, I was suppose to go with them but now with the move I won’t be going. 
The next morning I helped my mum get all the things ready for the evening,we invited everyone over before I leave. 
My mum made a lot of food I thought she was cooking for an army like my dad tells her everyday but my mum didn’t think so. 
My mum didn’t really talk much to me since I decided to leave, I thought helping her and being in the kitchen together would change that but it didn’t, we made small talk and that was it. 
My mum never really gave her consent so I tried to get her to do so but to no avail, Well I tried. 
My dad came home for lunch and he could see I was still trying to get my mum to talk to me like normal so at the lunch table he asked my mum if she noticed I was trying my best to make her happy.
My mum said that she is happy with me and why would I need to try and make her happy. 
I didn’t know what to do, so I just continued eating and tried to be normal although I was hurting a bit inside. 
I went upstairs an packed the rest of my stuff and got everything ready for my big move. I got all my bags sorted and things that I wanted to put in my apartment. 
I packed some stuff in my car and some in my brothers car so it would be easier for me when I leave. 
I had furniture picked out at stores here and asked them to have their store in Jo’burg deliver to my apartment, My dad’s cousin Uncle Abdullah was there to make sure all my furniture arrived and was in one piece. 
So I didn’t have to worry about that,it was just my cutlery and putting things into place. 

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