Ahmed slept the rest of the day and Yaseen went out to see Raeesa. I wasn’t really bothered about Yaseen because Ahmed was back and I needed to be there for him getting him sorted after his flight. 
He is very fussy and wouldn’t stay at his apartment if it isn’t cleaned on the day he arrived, although he has it cleaned everyday when he is using it, so I had his cleaners come in during the day. When I got back from work Ahmed and I went to his house and got him settled in. 
In the evening Ahmed and I went out for supper to ocean basket, it is so delightful to have Ahmed around. Somehow when he is around life seems so simple and stress free. I have good days and I start looking forward to the days. 
On our way back home Ahmed says he has something important to tell me but I shouldn’t get upset. His ex girlfriend who he dated 2 years ago who is also his mother friends daughter found out that he is seeing someone and we planning to get married. 
So she has been sending him messages and emails telling him that she wants to get back together and how sorry she is for breaking up with him. He hasn’t replied to any of the messages or emails and says he doesn’t intend to. He just needed to tell me before I found out from someone else.
Apparently he only dated her for a few weeks and only because his mother kept pushing him but then they found out some horrible things about this girl and Aunty Shenaaz was not too happy with her anymore. 
I didn’t know how to react, should I be worried, I hope she doesn’t get my contact details, I don’t want drama in my life. We discussed this issue and how we would deal with it, I have to tell him if she contacts me and he will do the same. 
He said he will change his personal phone number and his personal email address and ask all his friends and family not to give her his details. I was a bit worried about this but I was glad that we trust each other and we honest. 
He told me all about his past and so did I. I told him about Asad and Ridhwaan, I also told him that I was still friends with them but they were not a psycho like his ex. They understood our relationship and accepted that I could only offer them my friendship. 
Ahmed just left and Yaseen came home, I was still upset with him so I locked the doors and went to my room. Yaseen came to my room, he apologized for the other day and told me who Raeesa is. They have been chatting over social networks for the past 8 months and have met three times already. 
The first meeting was at his friends wedding that happened back home and the other was when he came to Jo’burg with his friends to fetch a car. Third meeting was in my house. They were friends for the first five months and have been dating for the past three months. 
That’s why he came to Jo’burg for the week he got off and she also took of from work. She is a receptionist at a doctors surgery. I felt bad that I lashed out at her. He said she was upset that he didn’t tell us about her and that he didn’t even tell me that she was coming over to my house. 
I thought she would be upset with me but he said she wasn’t, she said she would of reacted the same. I told him to invite her over for supper tomorrow, I needed to get to know more about her. I’m glad he found someone but I hate the lies that he keeps telling just to meet her.
Ahmed called before I went to bed to ask if everything was okay with Yaseen and I, he noticed the tension and that we were not speaking to each other. I told him the whole story and told him he has to be here for supper because I invited Raeesa over. 
The next morning I made all the preparations that I could do before I left for work. I made the salad, dessert and side dishes, I marinated the chickens and meat and made rotis, I would prepare the rest when I get home later. 
My boss was coming to the office today so everyone was informed yesterday that all their work needed to be up to date. As far as I know everyone was on par and I didn’t have to stress. When I got to the office, my boss was already there. He finished all his work by 10am and left to go back home. 
Anyways I left work early and stopped at the mall to get some things for the house and a little something for Raeesa. While shopping I met Sakina, she was shopping for a gift for Imraan, his birthday was coming up soon. 
Sakina invited me over for a girls get together she was having Friday afternoon, she said there’s a Apa that comes to her house once a month and give a talks. 
I got back home and continued with supper. Ahmed came by, I made him tea and we spoke about our day while I put up the food. He helped me lay the table and sorted out a few things. I went for a quick shower and got ready. 
I heard someone talking so I went to the lounge, Yaseen and Raeesa were here, lucky Ahmed was here so he took care of everything. I greeted her and also apologized for the way I behaved the other day. She was more apologetic, all because Yaseen didn’t tell the truth.
Ahmed and I left Raeesa and Yaseen alone for a while, we went to sort out things in the kitchen, I could see Raeesa was nervous around us. She wanted to make a good impression after Yaseen told her that Ahmed and I have the final say on things. He was really adding to the fire.
We went to sit with them afterwards and I got to know more about her and her family. She has no father and no siblings, she lives with her mother and Aunty. They don’t mix a lot with both her mother’s and father’s family ever since her father passed away the family felt like they were going to ask for things.
She is the only one earning in the house. Her mother was working but got very sick so her aunt came over to help and has been staying with them ever since. She seems to be a nice girl, I don’t know if my mother will approve because she has strong opinions on everything. 
Yaseen was really worried that my mum will not approve, his reasons are my mum always said she wanted educated and qualified partners for her children and because Raeesa came from a middle class family. 
My mum never use to worry about all this until my sister got married. My sister inlaws always stressed about class and how educated the girl is, Faheema is a lawyer and so is Shuaib so they approved immediately and they were so particular about things. 
I didn’t know what to say and Ahmed was also quiet for a minute until he tried cracking a joke, which I never found funny. However I tried to assure them I would try my best to get my mum to agree and I would get Faheema involved as well because she knows exactly how it is to go through the whole thing. 
Anyways we served supper shortly after the men came back from maghrib. I made a sesame chicken for starters, Portuguese chicken and Mutton Karai for mains served with salads and homemade rotis and for desserts I made a fererro dessert, supper was awesome we really had a great time.


The next morning I woke up and got ready for our day out, Farzeen, Rizwana and Safiah all came over to my place as we planned and then we left to have breakfast at a local restaurant called Isabella’s. 
After breakfast we went to Sandton, we shopped and shopped until we couldn’t walk anymore. We went for lunch at Nandos and then decided to go watch a movie called The Best Man Holiday.
Ahmed had to attend a business meeting in China so we haven’t spoken much this week. I miss him a lot, it is like someone is torturing me and I somehow blamed his Chinese business partners.
So this week whenever he got a chance he messaged me so that I wouldn’t get upset. I called Ahmed when I got home. We spoke for an hour, he only wanted to know about my adventurous week since all he did was work. 
I called Safiah over for supper, we really got to know more about each other. She is a very conscious person, she worries a lot about what other people say about her, she thinks she is overweight but really I don’t see it. 
She is very pretty and I think her lack of confidence is what kept her locked up in the house and too afraid to go out. She has two siblings, a brother elder then her and a sister younger. She has always compared herself to her brothers girlfriends who were always super skinny. 
It got worse when she thought her sister was better then her. I feel for her she never really had much confidence growing up and her family did nothing to help her boost her confidence, according to her they always put her down. 
I’m glad she has come out of some of it, she has a good taste of fashion and has a great personality, she just needs confidence and little push to get out there. 
I come from a small town and people were not really shy. Everyone knows everyone’s business so if you shy you won’t take liking to everyone knowing your business. 
Sunday was just another relaxing day. The weather was cloudy and it was raining so I couldn’t go out but it suited me perfect. Ahmed and I spent most of the day chatting. We also skyped a few times in the day, technology was a real gift for us. 
The girls came over in the evening to watch a movie, then we played 30seconds until I kicked them all out because Ahmed called. 
Next morning I was dreading going to work. The weekends are bad, I have been having so much of fun on weekends that I have started to hate weekdays. Well I guess we have to work to have the fun on weekends. 
The week was busy but flew by so quick and I was not complaining at all but I was grumbling about the weekend because I had to work, I brought my work home. I guess month end is always going to be like this. I have to get use to this.
I didn’t cook much this weekend I ordered take away, Aunty Rubina and Uncle Abdullah went out town for the weekend to attend a wedding. The kids were not invited so they crashed at my place the weekend, the girls slept over by me and Imraan stayed in their house but hanged around by me till late. 
Safiah popped in a bit today, her parents were over Friday and Saturday so she spent time with them, she was excited that she took them around Jo’burg a bit. Her parents were glad she was finally making friends. 
I was glad that although the girls were at my place I still got all my work done by Saturday morning and could enjoy the rest of the weekend. I helped out a bit at the orphanage that the complex secretaries wife Aneesa helps out at.
My brother Yaseen was coming over for a week, the company he works for closed for a week so he decided to come spend it with me and he wanted to hang out with Imraan as well. 
Yaseen arrived Monday morning just before I left for work, I felt bad leaving him alone but he was fine with it. I was glad the hectic weekend was over but being month end for accountants it’s hectic. I worked a bit later then usual on Monday and Tuesday. 
Aunty Rubina was practically looking after Yaseen with meals and also took care of the house for the two days. She was also sweet and made supper because by the time I got home was too late to make anything. 
When I got home on Wednesday I saw another car parked in my spot. I was annoyed that I had to park in the visitors parking and walk to my apartment. I enter the house and see my brother has a lady friend over, I was really not up for company after a hectic day at work.
So unexpectedly and totally annoyed I asked ” So who you and what you doing here?” 
Just then my brother comes out of the room and says, “this is Raeesa my friend, Also you don’t have to be rude to her.” I was now furious but said nothing I just walked away and hoped she and he would do the same. 
I put my things down in my room and went to Aunty Rubina, I didn’t let them know I was angry at Yaseen. I was hoping that before I got back that girl would be gone. I messaged Yaseen to tell him I’ll be home in two minutes and I want that girl gone. 
After two minutes exactly I went back to my apartment and saw she was just leaving, I made him go fetch my car. Then I sat him down and told him that after a long day at work I don’t want some idiot parking in my parking spot. I also don’t want anyone in my house without my permission.  
Most importantly I needed to know who this chick is. I tried asking Yaseen but he didn’t answer, which annoyed me more. I was getting no answers from him, I was now convinced he came to Jo’burg for this girl and he didn’t tell anyone. 
I called my mum and asked her why did the company he works for close just like that for a week, I also asked my mum if she knew who this girl was. My mum knew nothing about this girl and was just as furious as I was about him having a girl over in my house without my permission. 
I left him that night, I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the evening. I left early the the next morning before he could even wake up. Ahmed was coming back from China today and I was fetching him from the airport because he had some work in Jo’burg. 
He was arriving very early so I took the morning off to fetch him and spend a few hours together before I went back to the office. I fetched Ahmed and we went straight home. I made breakfast for us and then sorted out lunch for him while he took a shower. 
Yaseen and I were still not talking but I didn’t mention anything to Ahmed. I didn’t want to bother him after a long flight back. We sat and spoke a bit about his trip and how much we missed each other. Then I left for work and left Ahmed and Yaseen at my apartment. 


It’s strange how you can get so attached to someone in such a short time, maybe it’s only with those who are special. Ahmed has now become a part of my life, that part of my life I can’t see myself living without him.
They stayed for a few minutes and then left. I went to Zinat to see if she needed help cleaning up and just to spend a little time with her. I got back home and remembered about the parcel Ahmed gave me. 
I went upstairs and opened the wrapping of the parcel and found that there was another wrapping, then I saw the card. It read ” just like passing the parcel you would open each wrap with this we want you to do the same, a little token of our love to welcome a new member to our family.” 
As I opened the next wrapper I found a charm bracelet and on the wrapper read “The first from me, to the love of my life, a symbol of our journey together, add on as we go on this journey together. “
The next wrapper I opened I found a scarf and the wrapper read ” To the most wonderful person, we adore you and want to cherish the special sisterhood we going to have, this scarf is a welcome to our sisterhood, love Kausar and Sumaya.”
The last wrapper I opened I found a stunning Abaya with swaroski crystals, a matching scarf, a set of gold bangles and a envelope. I opened the envelope and found a letter.
The letter read ” To our dear Daughter, We welcome you to your new family. We love you a lot. We are so happy and lucky that we got you as a daughter, we hope you start this new journey with all that you deserve. From Your new parents Ashraf and Shenaaz. ” 
I was left in tears, the gifts were awesome but more touching was the kind and loving words. These people have a lot of love for me. I can’t wait to be part of their family. 
After lunch I also had to go back to Jo’burg with my two companions Imraan and Farzeen, they were really having a blast with my brothers. They didn’t want to leave. They kept begging me to stay one more day. I didn’t give in to their demands. 
Before we left my mum and dad gave me a present and asked me to only open it when I got to Jo’burg. What was with all these presents. While I was on the road I got a message from Ahmed, they were half way home. I messaged him back to let him know I had just left. 
It was a long journey back home. I slept most of the way back, I had Imraan drive us back to Jo’burg. We reached just before Asr. Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina were not at home they had gone out so Imraan and Farzeen stayed by me until they for back. 
We all took a nap before maghrib, we were really tired after the late nights and traveling. When we woke up Uncle Abdullah and them were back. We had supper together and then Imraan and Farzeen told them about our adventurous weekend. They couldn’t get enough of it. 
The best part of the story was the surprises I got. I wanted to go to bed early but as I was getting into bed Ahmed called and we spoke for hours until I fell asleep with my phone on the pillow and my ear on the phone. 
I called him the next morning to apologize for falling asleep like that and he said he could totally understand because he asked me something and I said he just remember me saying 3 sleep and he was out as well. 
I got ready for work and I left I was late so I didn’t even go to Aunty Rubina and do my daily check in but I did call her from the office. Farzeen calls me at work and tells me about a fund raising her friends at university are doing for Palestine, she wanted to know if I wanted to join them. 
I was glad to do my part for this worthy cause. I have to be there tomorrow at 3pm to help them sell as many tickets for the fund raising banquet, I came up with the idea to approach all our clients to help this worthy cause. 
I had the office staff also pitch in, everyone wanted to help they even got their family members to buy tickets. It was something small that we could do to raise funds. 
I asked around in the complex and a lot of the people there bought tickets. I was surprised to see so many people that wanted to help towards this cause. My boss didn’t buy a ticket but he donated money towards the cause, so I was grateful for that. 
A few days after the fund raiser we had the banquet and what a huge turnout. It was overwhelming and a proud moment for humanity, so many people cared for what was happening to innocent human beings, small children, women, animals and innocent men are being killed. 
I was really exhausted so I left the banquet early, I got home and Asad called me, he heard from Muneer about Ahmed and I and he called to congratulate me. He was a bit sad I could hear it in his voice. Before he put the phone down he said “the best man always wins.”
I was enjoying gym and made a few friends in the complex, I met a lovely girl Safiah, she is also staying on her own, just like me she moved to Jo’burg because of work, she is from a town called komatipoort. 
She doesn’t have much friends around here and has no family here. I felt bad for her, she spends all her days alone the only friends she has are her work friends and they usually only go out for lunch and that’s it, they don’t get together on weekends or evenings. 
I invited her to join me everyday for supper, I though it would be nice instead of her eating alone. I know I would hate that, lucky I have Aunty Rubina and her family otherwise I would be in the same shoes as Safiah. 
I told her not to prepare supper everyday because my mum sent so much food stuff and Aunty Rubina sends for me as well everyday but she doesn’t listen so now I make her bring salads or the extras that go with whatever I’m cooking that day. 
Safiah has never been out to fordsburg or any of the malls, she gets all her things from the local supermarket and butcher, so I decided that Friday night I would take her and Farzeen and Rizwana out to fordsburg and then Saturday we would go to a mall. 
So Friday finally came and we all got together at my place and got ready we left for fordsburg just after maghrib and went to eat at spill the beans. There was a group of guys sitting at the table behind us but a few tables away. I had my back facing them so I couldn’t see but Safiah and Farzeen were facing them. 
A few of the guys Farzeen recognized from university but didn’t really know them, they kept sending the waiter with something or the other, first it was drinks for us then it went to with a starter, I was a bit annoyed so I sent the waiter with a note saying thank you for the drinks and starter but we can pay for our own meals. 
It was not the first time I’ve experienced this and Farzeen said it happens a lot with her and her friends, these boys buy you food and drinks and then they start following you and it’s all for a conversation and your number. 
We didn’t have all this at home so I wasn’t use to it and I wasn’t going to tolerate it, I had two young ladies with me and on a first night out with Safiah I didn’t want her to have a bad time. After I sent the note everytime they sent something I had it sent back. 
I was annoyed at their behaviour and called the manager to have a word with them, they were not even having anything to eat their main purpose of being in the restaurant was to tease girls. I was not going to let them upset our night. 
As we finished supper Imraan called and Farzeen told him what was happening so he and his friends decided to come to us, they were also in fordsburg so it took him two minutes to get to us. The minute these boys saw them they walked out of the restaurant. 

When we got home I apologized to Safiah but she was cool, she said she had a great time and wouldn’t mind going again. 



Today was Ahmeds last day in town, after three weeks I was going home for the weekend, I was sad that I was spending my last day with Ahmed and I will only see him now in a months time but I was delighted that I was going home.
After Jummah I went to help the ladies with the hampers for the orphanage, then I packed the car and waited for Ahmed, Imraan and Farzeen. Imraan and Farzeen were coming home with me for the weekend, Ahmed was leaving the same time as us only he was going home. 
Imraan and Farzeen finally came from university so we packed their things and left to Ahmeds house, I greeted him and then we left. The road trip home was fun with company, we sang to the songs that played and talked the whole way. I couldn’t wait to get home. 
We finally got here and everyone was at home to see me. Zinat and Sameer, Asad, Ridhwaan, Muneer, my brothers, Zinats parents and My cousins and Uncles. My mum practically told all our friends and family that I was coming home for the weekend. 
Farzeen and Imraan were shocked at the fact that one person was returning after three weeks and such a warm welcome. I did warn them in the car but I don’t think it was as effective as experiencing it first hand. 
It was nice to see everyone and hear everyone’s stories, Asad and Ridhwaan were getting along well and we’re even spending time together, they play golf together and have braais and so on, Zinat and Sameer they were doing well, Zinat picked up some hobbies to spend her free time on. 
My cousins and Uncles were all the same, work, shop, same old stuff nothing new. My dad didn’t say much while everyone was around but he asked about Ahmed when everyone left. I told him everything that happened, he seemed happy. 
After supper we sat by the fire place and had hot chocolate and coffee while we told my brothers stories about our three weeks together, Imraan and Farzeen really felt at home and I can see they enjoying themselves. 
The next morning after breakfast I took Imraan and Farzeen around town, it was perfect for everyone who was on the secret, I think I was the only one who didn’t know. I wanted to take them out to lunch but they refused and said they tired and want to go home. 
When we got home I saw Ahmeds car in the drive way and his parents car. I went inside totally shocked that they were there. Zinat and Sameer were also there. I asked my mum what was happening and she said Ahmed called my dad on Thursday night.  
He asked my dad if he could bring his family over, I went to the lounge greeted them all and then I asked to speak to Ahmed in private. 
“What are you up to?” I asked. 
“Well we had to tell our family and I thought since your dad said we should only continue this relationship if we serious about getting married to each other, also I don’t want to commit any more sins,” he replied. 
What could I say after that speech, I just went with the flow. They all introduced themselves so lucky I didn’t have to do that. I helped my mum a bit in the kitchen, I was so nervous, this was not expected. I could kill Zinat for not telling me. 
I wondered how did Ahmed go home and then still come here so fresh, he should of been tired, the journey is long. Then I found out that his parents came last night and he left after us and came straight to Zinats house, his parents also stayed at Zinats house. 
Zinat came last night so I wouldn’t suspect anything but I did wonder why she left before everyone when she usually leaves last. Anyways we all sat and spoke in the lounge while the adults sat on the patio and spoke about Ahmed and I. 
Then I took Ahmed around the house and we sat a bit in my room chatting, I asked him one last time if he was sure this is what he wanted. We went down for lunch and then after lunch my dad asked all the youngsters to go out for a bit and Ahmed and I should stay behind only. 
They decided to go for desserts at the new place that opened in town. My dad had us all gather in the lounge, I was really nervous, I knew this was a bad idea. Ahmed shouldn’t of decided to meet the families so soon. They not taking it well. I can sense it, all these thoughts went through my mind. 
Then my dad said ” so you two want to get married, I’m glad my daughter found someone like Ahmed, I approve and I give to both my blessings.”
Shew that was a relief now for the other three parents to say something. I sat opposite Ahmed and I kept looking at him, I felt like jumping up with joy because my dad approved but I was really scared not knowing what his parents felt. 
Then Ahmed Father,Uncle Ashraf said, he had no objections, he and Aunty Shenaaz loved me from the first time they met me and wanted me for their daughter-in-law. A sigh of relief now just my mum. Then my mum got up and went to the kitchen. 
Now I was stressing, did she not approve but she was happy with us being together when we were in Jo’burg.   Then my mum walks in with a plate in her hand, a plate of mithais, her way of saying she is happy. I was so glad but why did they send everyone away. 
My dad said he just wanted them to wait in the other room but they decided to go out but it wasn’t so bad because they got back just as we got done. Everyone was so happy. My dad said we will discuss the dates and so on later. 
I spent the rest of the day with Ahmed because he was leaving the next day and I would only see him after a month. We went out that evening for supper, just the two of us, the rest stayed at home for supper. 
Ahmed gave me a parcel before we got home. “What is this?” I asked.
“Something from my parents,” he replied. “But only open it tomorrow once we gone,” he added. 
I was dying to see what was in the parcel but I promised so I couldn’t open until the next day. They all left to go to Zinats. There were going to stay over by her and go back home tomorrow. 
This morning my mum made a whole lot of finger food for them to take with as padkos. I helped her make some of it but my mum was awake and in the kitchen so early. 
We had breakfast and then Ahmeds family came over to greet us before they left. I am going to miss him a lot. 



I got back home in the evening and called my mum, I told her I would leave the keys by Aunty Rubina and that I would have lunch cooked so she shouldn’t worry to bring food. 
I kept thinking about how I would tell my mum about Ahmed and I, I know my mum loves me but she is always against the things I do. She never liked that I worked, she never liked me moving, she never liked me going out with friends unless it was Zinat and now this I know she won’t like this. 
Now that I’m thinking of it the more I think it’s not such a good idea, but it has to come out sooner or later and I guess better now when we just at the beginning of the relationship then when we too deep in. 
The next morning I went to work, I had so much to catch up on. I had meetings the whole morning then I had to go to Sandton for the afternoon to do an audit for one of our clients. I didn’t end up going back to the office and when straight home from there. 
My mum was by Aunty Rubina when I got home, my brother was not yet back, I hinted to Aunty Rubina that I needed to talk to my mum. So she told my mum she had to go to one of the neighbours who are sickly just to feed them.  
My mum said “it’s okay anyways Saaj is here now so I won’t be bored at home.” so I sat with my mum and were catching up on two weeks of gossip, then I slowly asked her if she remember Mr Khan, the client I went to see last month. 
She remembered him and how sweet his family was, she had all good to say about them well at least from what I told her, then I dropped the bomb, ” Well Ahmed is in town and we have been spending a lot of time together and we really like each other,” I said. “Oh that’s great honey, atleast you have a friend here,”she said. 
“Mum you don’t understand, we in love with each other, he’s coming over tonight to meet you and Ziyaad,” I said. She was calm about it but said my dad won’t be too happy about it. 
I started panicking, I can already see my mum trying to convince my dad to hate this idea, I explained to my mum the reason we telling everyone is so that we don’t have to hide from everyone and commit sins. Then she finally understood. 
This is the one time I was glad for Jo’burg traffic. My brother came home and I told him about Ahmed. He was so happy and excited, well at least someone was happy for us.
Shortly after Ahmed knocked on the door. My brother opened the door, they greeted and then Ahmed introduced himself. My brother and him really hit it off, they liked the same soccer team Manchester United, I just don’t get soccer. 
My mum also seemed fine with Ahmed, she asked him a few things about his family, what he does and the big one what plans he has for us and his future. I must say he handled it well.
We had supper and then sat and spoke a bit, then Ahmed went home. My mum sorted their stuff out so they can get home early, she wanted to talk to my dad and she hates traveling late. Also she is always uncomfortable when she is out of the house, I was surprised she came twice to stay. 
I went to work a bit late the next day, I wanted to see off my mum and brother and then I went to work. Ahmed and I met for lunch, “I thought your mum and brother were staying for two days,” Ahmed said. “I thought so too, my brother was suppose to go today for the second course but they called him last night and cancelled,” I replied.
When I got home I decided to visit the gym in the complex, Imraan told me about how great it is so I had to check it out for myself. I signed up for a few zumba classes. 
After that I went to see the secretary of the complex, his wife was helping out a orphanage and I wanted to offer my assistance. They were packing small hampers for the kiddies on Friday afternoon so it worked out perfect for me.When I got home Ahmed was waiting outside for me. 
“What you doing here?” I asked. 
“I came to visit you, can’t I come? I didn’t know I needed a invitation or needed to make an appointment,” he replied. 
I just laughed.
When we got inside the house he asked me what I would say if he called my parents and asked them if he could come over next weekend, since I am going home and he is done with his work in Jo’burg.
Instead of him going home he would have his parents come to my parents house and then he and I could meet them there. 
“Why do you want the families to meet now?” aren’t they only suppose to meet if we decide to get married?” I asked. ” 
Oh yeah I didn’t really ask right,”he replied. 
“Ask what?” I asked. 
He didn’t answer, I left it at that, I took it as he was confused. I didn’t prepare anything for supper because there was so much leftovers and I didn’t expect Ahmed to come for supper, he did say he was going to be busy. 
Anyways I took the leftover chicken and made toasted sandwiches while Ahmed set up my new tall boy system that he bought because according to him you can’t watch movies with out the right sound. 
Ahmed went next door to get some tools he needed for setting up the tall boy. My feet were sore in heels so I went to change my shoes and I notice a box on my bed. I opened it and it was the most beautiful necklace that had a heart shape pendant with swaroski crystals. 
Ahmed walked into the room and asked, “do you like it? “
“I love it, it’s so beautiful, I replied.
He put the necklace on for me,it’s stunning I love it to bits. I was not expecting anything. I did ask him if it was a special occasion and his answer was that every day with me is special. I felt so special and loved. 
My first gift from Ahmed, it’s such a special moment, after supper Ahmed finished installing the tall boy system and we watched Safe Haven. My mum called to see if I was okay and I told her about the gift Ahmed gave me, she thought it was so sweet of him.
My mum said she spoke to my dad and he is fine with it as long as we know what we doing but he doesn’t want us to see each other if it’s just a relationship and then few months down the line we split and I’m on to someone else a while after that. He wants us to see each other only if it’s a serious relationship leading to marriage. 



Ahmed left around 11pm, I felt a bit sad that he was going to leave town so soon. I would of loved to spend more time together especially since we just on the starting point of our relationship. 
I guess it’s not always a bed of roses. Today is such a gloomy day it’s cloudy outside and cold, looks like it’s going to rain. I decided to stay in today and just relax at home. 
Ahmed wanted to go out but I wasn’t in the mood, so he came over. He knew I was a bit sad because he was going to leave soon so he ordered pizzas and we watched Indian movies the whole day. 
Farzeen and Rizwana came by to see what I was doing and decided to watch a movie with us, until Aunty Rubina called both of them to study. 
Zinat kept calling and I kept ignoring her call just because I know I can’t hide anything from her and if I speak to her I’m going to blurt it out and Ahmed doesn’t want me telling anyone for now.
For how long am I going to ignore her? I have to at some time answer her calls and if I don’t it might just put pressure on our friendship. I spoke to Ahmed again and told him exactly what kind of relationship I have with Zinat. 
He agreed to me telling her as long as she doesn’t tell anyone. So I called Zinat and told her all the juicy news and asked her not to tell anyone, not even Sameer or my family. 
I explained to her that we first want to see this relationship work ourselves before we told everyone. I sent her a photo of us together because she blackmailed me as she usually does.
Zinat said she and Sameer are coming to Jo’burg on Friday for the weekend, she got a function to attend to on sunday and they wanted to do some shopping on Saturday. I told her to come over for meals by me.
Imraan came over after and we watched movies and he and Ahmed played playstation games while I took a nap. For supper Ahmed wanted just the two of us to go out and have a romantic dinner. 
I didn’t want to make him feel bad so I went, we went to fordsburg again, it was okay wasn’t so busy as Saturday night was. We went straight to the restuarant and sat in a corner table away from everyone, well no one could really see us. 
So it was kind of romantic, after supper we had coffee and brownies, oh their lindt brownies at Jimmy’s are to die for. Then we drove back home and sat by the fire place on the carpet and just cuddled for a while to get warm. 
My mum called and said that she will be coming to Jo’burg with my brother, he is coming for a 2 day course, I couldn’t say no don’t come I got my boyfriend around everyday. So I said “Yes come it will be nice for me, I’m missing you all so much.”
When I got off the phone I told Ahmed that my mum and brother will be here on Tuesday and Wednesday, he didn’t seem to happy but there was nothing he could do so he just said ” oh that’s nice” and then jokingly said ” I can finally meet the inlaws.” 
I just laughed what else could I do. Well we could spend lunch time together and maybe a little before I got home. I don’t know how long I can keep this a secret, with my mum around it’s not so easy hiding things from her. 
If I’m on my phone too often messaging and taking calls she will figure something is wrong. On the other hand maybe two days away from each other will give us a feel of how things will be when Ahmed goes back home.
I suggested that maybe we shouldn’t see each other at all for the two days and see how it works so we know how it will be when he has to go back. He thought I was crazy and said it would kill him knowing that he has to pass the complex before he gets to his complex. 
I said “it’s a test for both you and I,” so he asked ” if I would consider taking Monday off and spending it at his apartment and then he would cancel all his Monday meetings. 
I thought about it and then agreed after he begged like a hundred times. I called Sadia and told her I wouldn’t be in tomorrow and she should cancel all my meetings and I won’t be taking calls either for the day. 
Ahmed went home and I cleaned up the house a bit so my mum wouldn’t freak when she came, then I went to bed. The next morning I woke up, got ready and went to Ahmeds apartment.
I didn’t even tell Aunty Rubina or anyone that I wasn’t going to work. When I got there he was still in the shower so I waited in the lounge, his domestic let me in. He had her come in earlier so she could be gone earlier. 
When he got out of the shower, we made breakfast together and then sat in the lounge talking. We wanted to make the best of the day. He closed all his windows and curtains so no one would disturb us. We spoke about family, friends and the relationships we have with our family and friends.
Just to understand each others lives with others and who is important in our lives. We also spoke about what we want in life, how our families are, what our parents are like, our upbringing. I was glad I took the day off. 
It changed our relationship, we started to trust each other more, like each other more, respect each other more, just by spending one day with each other and no one else has drawn us closer to each other. 
We made chicken salad for lunch, as I sat down at the table Ahmed says “I think it’s time we tell our parents.”
“Is this the right time, Is it not too soon,” I asked. 
Ahmed thought since we now know much more about each other and we comfortable with each other, we can now tell our parents. I am still not so sure about it. I still think it’s too soon.
Later today he tells me that he’s sure he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and that’s why he wants us to tell our parents. He asked me what I want, I know I love him and I would like to spend my life with him. 
I get where he is coming from, we both know that dating is haraam, we both know that we can’t keep this secret any longer and we don’t want to commit any sins so it would be good if we told our parents and then took it from there. 
We wouldn’t have to hide from anyone then. I still felt it soon but he said he would come Tuesday evening and speak to my mum and brother first and then if my mum agrees to us telling everyone then we would go ahead with it. 




I sat at the back and Imraan kept looking in the review mirror smiling at me like he knew something was up. When we got to his friends house Imraan waited till I got off the car, he came closer to me and said “I know your secret.”
“I was like, yeah right how you know,” he said he could see it. Just then his friend Sakina came to the car to fetch us.
Imraan introduced us and we went up to the house while the men brought the things from the car.
Sakina is a second year student at university studying law, she is a very pretty lady and very confident and stylish. She liked anything that had bling, I could see her confidence in the bold colour lipstick she wore.
“You shouldn’t of brought anything, I did tell Imraan to tell you,” Sakina Said.
“Imraan did tell me but I couldn’t come empty handed and for the first time as well what a bad impression that would make on me,” I replied.
Sakina said no one really brings anything, she usually prepares all the food, her father gets the meat marinated from the butcher and then she makes salads and desserts and side dishes.
I felt bad it was as if her friends were taking advantage because her father was doing things, they not very rich so they must be feeling the pinch, I guess being an accountant I tend to watch on costs.
As we sat around the kitchen table some of their other friends arrived, Zubieda she is a Aalima and teachers in the private madness, she wears Abaya full time, she comes from a middle class family so she dresses simple but nice.
Shabnam and Hasina both study law with Sakina, they are sisters, Zubieda is their cousin. Shabnam was a perfectionist. She kept saying it when she was telling us the story of her baking ordeal. 
Hasina is more on the shy side, she doesn’t like to attract attention and is very soft spoken. We sat around waiting for the rest of his friends. 
Ahmed was feeling a bit uncomfortable with all the ladies, I could see it, I asked him if he wanted to leave early and he said no so I left it at that. He said he was fine. 
When Imraans other friends came they started the braai, I got along well with Zubieda and Sakina, I felt Shabnam was too loud and all over the place and Hasina I hardly spoke to she was just too quiet for me. 
After the braai Sakina gave me her number she said if I was around or wanted to hang out I should let her know. I was glad I was making friends or at least acquaintances. 
We dropped Ahmed at his apartment and headed back home, Imraan was a bit upset, he was really quiet in the car, so on our way back home I asked him what was wrong. 
He was upset at Sakina because she invited Adeel who he is enemies with and Sakina being his girlfriend should know this. Okay I was shocked Sakina and Imraan are going out and she invited his enemy. 
I didn’t know what to say so I just tried to comfort him an dried to make him not blame her, “maybe someone else brought him and she didn’t invite him,” I said. He seemed to calm down before we got home. 
I was exhausted from the long day I had so I went straight home and in bed. Ahmed text me but I was too tired to chat so I called him and we spoke for 5 minutes only.
Today my family from Canada will be coming over before they go to the airport. I woke up early had breakfast, got ready and started with preparing lunch. 
Ahmed came over to help, I told him he didn’t have to come I would manage but he didn’t listen. I like that he helps around the house although sometimes he can get all chatty and slow me down a bit. 
My uncle and them arrived just before lunch. I introduced them to Ahmed, my uncle is never shy and asked straight out “so Ahmed you interested in my niece, how you know each other? “
They got along well though, after lunch we cleaned up and then sat around for a while before we left to the airport. I gave them all their gifts before they left so they could put it in their bags before we left. 
My uncle arranged for his rental car to be picked up from me and we went in my car and Ahmeds car. It was sad letting them go, we hardly see them but we so close to them.  
My cousins always keep in touch even if we get too busy to, they always so warm and filled with so much love. Miss them a lot when they not around. 
After we left the airport we came back to my apartment and then relaxed for a bit. We decided to take Imraan, Farzeen and Rizwana to fordsburg for the evening. 
We walked around a bit and then went to Jimmy’s for supper, the most delicious food we had, just talking about it my mouth is watering. Then we went to spill the beans for desserts. 
Actually we didn’t plan on desserts, while taking our last lap around fordsburg we decided to have desserts. We got back home around 9pm. 
We went to my apartment and played board games until we couldn’t keep our eyes open. The girls and Imraan left and Ahmed and I stayed up chatting. 
We discussed where our relationship is going, especially since he will be going back home in a weeks time. Then our relationship will be on phone mostly until he gets to come to Jo’burg again. 
He does come often like once a month for a week or sometimes longer since they have so many businesses here.