A few days went by I kept my cool and my conversations at home to the minimum.  
At work my boss offered me to take over our other firm, I was excited and proud that I got offered such a big deal but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take it so I told him to give me a few days too think about it. 
Our other firm is in Johannesburg, that’s a few hours away from home. I would have to stay on my own, I don’t think my parents would be too happy about that.
On the other hand this is my chance to excel and it’s a good way to start. 
I went home spoke to my parents about me taking up the offer, my dad said it was up to me he doesn’t want to come in the way of my success but my mum was not too happy with the idea of me going to the city. 
She said the city has a very bad reputation, my dad assured my mum that I would be okay, he has family in Jo’burg so I won’t be alone.
I told them to think about it and let me know in the morning if possible or in a day as I told my boss to give me a few days. 
Zinat freaked out when I told her, we’ve never been apart besides for when she went on holiday. She also like my mum said Jo’burg is bad for you.
My mum gave me the silent treatment for the evening, I knew she needed time so I didn’t push her. I waited till the morning to hear what she had to say. 
When I went downstairs in the morning I saw that my mum was not in the kitchen like she usually was, my brother told me that she was there, she gave them breakfast and went back to her room.
I made breakfast for myself and went up to see if my mum was awake, she was awake but pretended to be asleep. I left her and carried on to work. 
I called a few times but she never came to the phone, she made the domestic answer and tell me that she’s not there so I left a message on her cell telling her that she can’t treat me like this, I haven’t even decided yet and this is how she is going on. Imagine when I decide to go.
I really needed to make a decision but everyone I loved made it more difficult. I came home for lunch thinking I could speak to my mum but she saw me and left to I don’t know where. 
I got a call from Asad:
Asad: I heard you leaving town. 
Me: Not decided as yet. Everyone just making the decision more difficult. My mums not speaking to me and apparently doesn’t want to be around me either. 
Asad: Give them some time, it’s a big change for them but make your decision based on what makes you happy. 
Me: thanx, wish they all understood especially Zinat she is so mad at me she won’t take my calls. 
Asad: I’ll speak to her and then I’ll get her to speak to your parents, maybe they need to see it from another person’s point of view. 
Me: I hope you right. Chat later got to get back to work.
On my way to work I saw my mum coming back home, I didn’t bother to stop I made like I didn’t see her. I decided to give her the same treatment. 
At supper my mum totally ignored me and so I did the same, my dad was annoyed that the atmosphere at home had become so stressful.
After supper my dad called a meeting in the lounge, he asked my mum why she was not speaking to me and why is she upsetting and punishing me, she didn’t have much to say.
He then asked me what I decided and I told him I couldn’t decide anything because I spent my day thinking why my mum is upset with me and what I can do to make her speak to me.
After listening to what we all had to say including my brothers he told us about what he thought. My dad feels I should take up the offer and he had already arranged a place for me to stay and told his family in Jo’burg that I would be coming.
My mum didn’t seen to happy but she couldn’t refuse my dad and he always has the last say in our house. I called my boss and told him I will take him up on the offer.
Before I knew it my mum was on the phone calling all my family telling them I’m moving to Jo’burg. This was a big deal for everyone. My brothers were happy for me although they were sad that I would be away.

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