After breakfast we all showered and got our things ready for when we leave, my mum helped my Aunty in the kitchen with lunch while some of us cleaned up around the house. 
My dad and uncles went to check on things at the hall while some of the guys lazed around. 
While in the kitchen my aunt mentions to my mum that one of her friends saw me last night and wanted to bring her son over before we left. 
My mum agreed without letting me know so I carried on my day as usual not knowing anything. This Aunty and her family come over just before lunch.
Apparently she was my Aunts best friend which I met before but I couldn’t remember her or her family. 
My aunt introduced us to them and everyone went on as normal. I found it strange that this Aunty kept on starring at me, I asked whoever was next to me at that time if they noticed but no one did, Maybe I was just paranoid. 
We sat around before lunch making small talk and jokes. Some of the elders went to catch a quick nap before lunch. 
My mum and my aunt kept putting me and this aunty’s son together which annoyed me a bit since I didn’t even know him. 
Anyways I decided it would be easier for everyone if we packed the bags into the car before lunch so we wouldn’t delay after lunch. 
I got all the boys to help me and packed the cars finish, while I was busy with that my mum told my father about this boy. He didn’t say much but he wasn’t too happy, he felt my mum was putting too much pressure on me and too soon.
After lunch we left, on our way we made a stop for a few minutes to grab snacks and were on our way again. We stopped for take out before going home, everyone was nice and hungry. 
I unpacked my bags and went on Facebook to check what was happening in the cyber world. A few friends put up statuses about their weekend, some put up pictures, got a bit boring so I went downstairs to see what my family was up too.
My mum already told everyone that was there so now I was the only one who didn’t know. When I got there I heard them talking about the guy but I didn’t know what it was about. 
We played a few rounds of carom and watched some tv before everyone went to bed. I still was unaware of my mums tricks. 
The next morning at breakfast my mum casually asks what I think about the guy. I was stunned and asked her why the sudden interest in him. 
She said she was just asking she had someone in mind for him. I asked who but She didn’t say. I left it at that and went upstairs to get ready for work.
My mum called me while I was at work and she asked if I was free for lunch, she arranged for us a table at the restaurant down the road from my workplace. 
I was a bit worried, why did my mum want to meet and like this privately, if it was important she would of told me this morning and if it wasn’t so important she could of waited until I got home.
I just couldn’t figure it out so I waited until I met my mum, I got to the restaurant early and waited for my mum. When She arrived I couldn’t wait and went ahead and asked her what was so important. 
Mum: You remember Moomanisaabs friend that came yesterday for lunch, she wanted her son to see you.
Me: for what? Did she tell url before? How can she just come with her son to see me. 
Mum: Well we invited her for lunch for that reason. 
Me: WHAT! Mum I’m so disappointed at you, I would expect you to ask me before you make plans on choosing a partner for me or is it not my choice I should just shut my mouth and silently marry the guy you choose. 
I was upset at the my mum so I didn’t wait until our food came I walked out of the restaurant and drove back to my office.
My mum tried to call me but I didn’t answer. When I got home my dad tried speaking to me but I wasn’t ready to listen to anyone, I went up to my room and didn’t want to hear any explanation or justifications for my mums doing. 
At supper I didn’t speak to anyone and was even more annoyed because everyone got to know before me. 
After supper I went to Aunty Farida, I didn’t visit since Zinat got back from her honeymoon and Aunty Farida and Uncle Rashid always had a solution to my problems.
I know my mum is looking out for my best interest but She always manages to do it the wrong way and that’s what upsets me. 
After I spoke to Aunty Farida and Uncle Rashid I decided to go home and sit down and speak to my mum and dad and solve this problem. 
I can’t stand the fact that everyone is pushing me into marriage, it’s like in society if you not married at a certain age there’s something wrong with you.
I got home, spoke to my parents and made it clear when I’m ready I will let them know and that I wanted an answer as to why they were rushing me into marriage. 

2 thoughts on “PART THIRHTY FIVE

  1. Cnt wait for more. Why are other peeps not commenting.

    Love the story line its more mature and not a teenage over the top crush and unrealistic. Its somethng we can relate to.

    Great job.

    Liked by 1 person

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