Zinat needed a few things from the mall so I went around with her shopping, we went to my house after the mall, Zinat apologized to my mum and all was good.
Zinat, my cousins from Canada and myself sat and spoke while watching tv. It was a nice relaxing afternoon with great company. 
The evening went just as well only a little busier with packing bags and food for the road. We were going to my mamoosaabs ( my mother’s eldest brother) house for a function. 
My dad’s family were also invited so we all planned to go. We got to bed early since we had a early morning and a 3 hour long journey. 
The next morning we left after Fajr, we were a convoy of five cars, it was fun stopping for breakfast on the road, I always loved traveling, there’s just something about it, the excitement, the fun and good company always makes it more pleasurable. 
We finally reached my uncles house, meeting all my uncles and aunts, my cousins, nieces and nephews was so great.
We don’t get to see my mums side of the family very often because we so far apart. Most of my mums family stay in the same area so they get to meet often.
All preparations for the evening function was in full swing. One side we had people washing meat, cutting onions and potatoes, some of the ladies making small flower bouquets for the tables, packing achaar in small bowls, fruit being cut, tea table being set.
It was all work with a lot of laughter and meetings and greetings hugs and kisses, felt very warm and fuzzy being around so much love. 
Not that we don’t get much love with my dad’s family but because we were so far from my mums family we never really were aware of any animosity while with my father’s family we were in it all the time. 
Lunch was at the hall so everyone even those who didn’t come to the hall to help came for lunch, like one of my cousins says we Indians are first in line when there’s food but never the first to offer help. 
I can agree to a point but if you invited doesn’t mean you have to help. Sometimes people got other things to do and make themselves available for your function. 
Anyways lunch was scrumptious, deg food is always the best. After lunch we finished up and went to my mamoosaabs house to get dressed for the function. 
After Asr was the khatam, then supper after that and then qawali thereafter so we had a busy afternoon and evening. 
My mum kept dragging me around to greet people most of which I met two or three years ago and some that I’ve never met before.
All that hugging was giving me a sore neck. I hate when some aunties pull you to hug you.
After the khatam which was at the house everyone went to the hall for supper, after supper they set the place for the qawali. The function finished in the early hours of the morning.
When we got home nobody could sleep, it was like our own get together. We all sat up and heard stories from the elders about their days growing up, school and working to earn a small salary.
My mum didn’t have it as bad as my uncles, apparently my grandfather didn’t allow my mum to work so after studying she sat at home and would help my granny with house chores.
My uncles had to make their own pocket money and had to help around the house as well as give my mum pocket money.
My dad’s family didn’t have it tough my grandfather had his own business so all my uncles worked in the shop and got a salary.
It just made me realize how grateful we have to be, we have the choice to work and not for our parents but for ourselves, some of us have it so easy.
I know there are people out there that have it difficult. We get so caught up in our own fantasy life that we forget to thank the Almighty for what we have.
We were going back home the next day after lunch, so we all got a few hours of sleep just before Fajr and a few after.
Thank you all for you patience in the last month, I did not post a lot and I do apologize for that. Will start posting more often from now.

3 thoughts on “PART THIRTHY FOUR

  1. Really enjoying the read. Started yesterday. Waiting for ur new post. How often do u post?

    Don’t like Asad, I like Ridhwaan, and more so Mr Khan for u. When is he going to make his move on u. 🙂

    Please post longer posts. جزاك الله خيرl . Cnt wait for more.


  2. I think u shud giv us more insight into the persons features height the way they dress their hair their look that sort of thing, it help us to get more intuned with the characters as we are able to create a picture or image in our head of them. Atm they r blanked out images with names attached.

    Other than that I really like the story as it not to much detail of everysingle thing loosing the main plot.

    Can’t wait to see u end up with mr khan. Asad is a brat. Is mr khan and ridwaan not related by any chance?

    Haha ok I’ll leave it up to u to tell us.

    Please post soon


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