The next morning I went to the office early so that I wouldn’t have to stay another day. I needed to get home and sort out my situation with my best friend.
I didn’t have time to reflect on what she did and my mum was very upset when I told her Zinat called her for the number because Asad wanted it.
Mr Khan was already at the office when I got there, we started working immediately and finished all our work before lunch.
Aunty Shenaaz invited me over for lunch before I got back home, she said she couldn’t let me go without a home cooked meal before my flight. 
It was nice to be around the Khan family, they are very lovable people and always welcome you so warmly to their home.
Mr Khan dropped me off at the airport and waited until I boarded the plane, I got back home 2 hours later, I was too exhausted to speak or do nothing I went straight to my room and took a nap. 
Everyone was so excited to have me back, my brothers especially they lost without me or should I say without the extra pocket money. 
After supper I messaged Zinat to invite her for lunch. I needed to sort things out with her, it’s like she has become this inquisitive married Aunty that sits in the house the whole day and minds everyone else’s business. 
Which is very annoying now because I thought our last conversation sorted everything out and she was not to interfere. 
She agreed to come but made as if she was angry at me and I was the one who did wrong, typical of her. 
Just before bed my mum came to my room to check on me nd speak to me about what Zinat did. Mum feels it’s not okay that she lied to get the number and although it’s a small issue it has to be known that she did wrong.  
I called Asad when my mum left the room, he apologized for the way Zinat did things and said he didn’t ask her to get the number.
Apparently Asad and Muneer went to Zinat for supper one of the nights and she mentioned I was not around so he tried my cell and he couldn’t get through. 
The next day she called my mum for the hotel number and messaged it to Asad. She has really gone too far, without anyone asking her to do anything she does what she feels like.
Anyways I’ll wait until tomorrow to see what she has to say. 
The next morning I message Zinat to remind her about our meeting. She didn’t reply so I left it.
I got back to the office,sorted out some paper work and left before lunch,i had the afternoon off since I was away for a few days. 
I went to the mall and did some shopping,I met Zinat at the restaurant for lunch. She didn’t look happy to see me. 
Well I got us a table sat down and checked out the menu, the waiter came took our order and we waited, there was this awkwardness like she knew she did wrong and I didn’t want to be too harsh that I would hurt her feelings.
Anyways our food arrived as we begin to eat I brought up the topic, we had a brief discussion about what she did and about what my situation and agreement is with both the men.  
She apologized and seemed to be happy that we spoke. She did mention that she was afraid that this would be our last time together. 
Apparently Sameer told her not to interfere and that what she did was wrong and although we friend that doesn’t give her the right to meddle in my life.
We enjoyed the rest of our meal and spoke about my trip and about her daily life now that she is married, we caught up on our stories. 
I’m glad I sorted things out, that’s the best thing about having a good friendship that we understand each other. 

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