When I got back to the hotel the receptionist informed me that someone called for me, I thought it was my mum but it wasn’t. The receptionist took a number and it wasn’t one that I recognized.  
I got to my room and called the number, it was Asad he got Zinat to call my mum and ask which hotel I was at and the room number, he got a new number so that’s why I didn’t recognize it. 
I was a bit peeved at the fact that Zinat lied to my mum and was all in my business when I asked her not to be. 
I ended the call with Asad and I messaged Zinat asking her to not interfere in my life and that I feel very strongly that if she continues she would be implying that we should not be friends anymore.
I was worn out from the days events so I decided to call it a night. The next morning Mr Khan called and said I didn’t need to come to the office very early he would only be in after lunch. 
I took it easy and stayed in excited to relax in bed, I had breakfast in my room and watched tv most of the morning. Around 11am I got ready and went to the stores around the hotel just to get everyone gifts. 
I went to the office straight after, Mr Khan was a bit late so I went through a few files and waited for him. 
He finally arrived and brought lunch with him. I was glad that we got most of the work done. I asked him to please make our tomorrow’s meeting in the morning because I needed to get done I couldn’t stay another day away from my family. 
He kept asking if everything was okay, as if I was walking around with I’m not okay my best friend is betraying me sign on my forehead. 
Mr Khan was around for a couple of hours before he rushed to another meeting, so I continued with the rest of the work. Mr Khan told his PA to ask me to wait after work at the office for him. 
He arrived literally two minutes before closing time I thought I was going to wait all alone.
I was confused why he asked me to wait when he closed the office. I asked several times but he refused to answer so I waited until he decided to talk. 
He asked me too get into the car and he drove to a coffee shop a few streets away. 
“So why are you so down today? Can’t be missing home so soon,”he said. 
“No I’m not missing home, just something to do with my best friend,” I replied. 
“Well I won’t get too personal and I will mind my business but just know I’m here if you need to talk, he said. 
We sat and spoke for a while and then he got a call from his mum, she called to invite me to supper at their home. 
I was really not up for it, I wanted to bury myself under the sheets and forget anyone or anything else existed. 
I couldn’t refuse, Aunty Shenaaz is such a pleasant person and it would be rude, so I accepted. I went with Mr Khan from the coffee shop to their home. 
I actually wanted to go back to the hotel and then go to them just before supper but he refused to listen to me.
Aunty Shenaaz made the most delicious butter chicken I have ever had, my mum is a excellent cook and I love her butter chicken but this was something else. 
Aunty Shenaaz really went out of her way, she made a variety of dishes and the dessert was to die for. I usually don’t like tiramisu but this was lovely. 
After supper we sat and spoke about family and towns, I mentioned that my family was down from Canada and we’re at our place and how I had to leave my mum alone and come, not intending to hint but Mr Khan did apologize and said he would be early the next morning. 
We were having such a good time we didn’t realize how time went by I only got back to the hotel pass 11pm. 



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