My client Mr Khan had his driver and personal assistant receive me from the airport. My boss had booked at a hotel for me but Mr Khan was not to happy about the hotel my boss chose so he had booked me into another hotel. 
My boss was not to happy about this but I couldn’t refuse Mr Khan. I spent a few hours at the hotel unpacking and sorting out a few documents before my meeting with Mr Khan.
Mr Khan sent his driver to fetch me for our meeting. I worked for hours at his offices that I didn’t even realize that Mr Khan had left the office and lunch time had already past 2 hours ago. 
I didn’t have time to get anything to eat so I had the snack bar that was in my bag. I haven’t spoken to my mum since the morning she must be stressing out at home and my brothers and my father must be getting all the frustration taken out on them.
Just after I had my snack Mr Khan comes back to the office and inquires if I had lunch and how far I am. 
He was definitely not happy that his staff didn’t even check if I had lunch or if I needed anything. His PA had to hear a mouthful. I didn’t blame her she also had a lot to do. 
I finished work at 4pm and went back to the hotel, when I arrived I asked the receptions to send me a cup of coffee, I really needed it. 
As soon as I got to my room I went to shower, I needed to relax as much as I can as I had some bad news for my mum and good and bad news for my boss. 
I didn’t realize how much work needed to be done and Mr Khan had a very tight schedule so when I need to discuss things with him he is never around so I need to stay 2 more days. 
I called my boss first, he was happy work was getting done but was not happy that I had to be away for 2 more days especially since we had to attend a conference. 
My mum went all hysterical on the phone blaming my boss and making sure I know she hates my boss for this. 
Afterwards I got off the phone with my mum the receptionist calls and tells me I have a visitor. 
I don’t know anyone in the town so I was a bit worried who it could be. It was Mr Khan he came over to invite me to supper with his family. 
I was not up for company after the hectic day I had but he was in front of me and his family was waiting in the car. 
So I asked him to give me a few minutes to get dressed, he asked his family to go ahead and we would join them there. 
We got to the restaurant about 5 minutes after Mr Khan’s family so I didn’t feel so bad. It was his parents and his two sisters. His mum was very nice although she asked a lot of personal questions,his dad was fairly quiet while his sisters spoke a lot. 
His father is retired and his mum has always been a housewife it’s what she enjoys the most although I hear they have servants for everything. 
His sisters are both younger then him one is studying to be a dietitian and the other is in grade 12. 
After supper Mr Khan’s mum Aunty Shenaaz invited me over to their home which was a street away from my hotel, although I was tired I had no excuse as she said “you not far from us and my son will drop you off.”
I was stunned when we got to their home. It was big but simple, they built it to their needs and didn’t go out to impress according to their status and being their accountant I know exactly how rich they are.  
I felt so welcomed in their home, I must add that they do not have servants for everything, just shows you not to believe everything people tell you especially if it’s tails about others. 
Aunty Shenaaz did her own cooking and baking, she even shopped herself for groceries and all that’s needed around the house, they girls have to clean up after themselves although they do have a full time domestic. 
The domestic is only allowed to clean the floors, wash the laundry, iron and do the dishes and she helps Aunty Shenaaz with kitchen chores. 
I was glad to see such humble people existed, they had so much money but never boasted about it. It was a lovely evening and I enjoyed the company. 

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