Today my cousins and I planned a girl day of shopping. We went to every shop possible in town and at the mall. It was exhausting but it was a lot of fun. At least I wasn’t shopping alone.
We had late lunch at Jimmy’s and thereafter decided to go watch a movie. I haven’t been to the movies in such a long time. 
I hate going alone, I usually go with Zinat but she was always busy with wedding preparations and I didn’t want to disturb her so I never went to watch a movie. 
It was quite late by the time the movie ended and so we drove back home. We were still so full from all the Divine food we had at Jimmy’s that we skipped supper. 
The next day we all were going for a picnic at the lake so all the ladies got together after supper and prepared the snacks.
After the exhausting day we had it was not something we enjoyed doing but the rest of the ladies enjoyed making snacks and just being together especially my mum and my aunties. 
I went straight to bed after, I was dead tired and we had an early morning and a long day ahead. 
The next morning we all got ready and met at the lake. My uncle wasn’t so keen on going for a picnic and I don’t blame him, it’s tiring for the elders of the family. 
My granny usually just comes for a couple of hours and then she goes home so my uncle said he would join her. 
The lake is actually a resort you can stay over night or just come for the day, the locals enjoyed the day visits more.
The kids were really enjoying themselves with boat rides, water slides, pony rides,putt putt and so many more things. 
The adults also had their fair share of fun, the guys all decided to play volley ball while the ladies cheered them on. 
We were the most noisiest crowd there but we were not bothered, we even called others to come join in on the fun. 
“We definitely left people talking about us, “one of my Aunts said. Everyone just gave her ‘the look’ and carried on. 
I got a call from my boss to inform me that I had a flight 6am in the morning to meet a client. My mum was not going to be too happy about this. 
She hates me going out of town but it’s work and it’s my account so I can’t really say no. I told my boss I would be there and he assured me the driver would pick me up and have my ticket with him.
Now I had to tell my mum, I finally managed to tell her like a by the way I have a flight tomorrow. She was not happy at all. 
Well it’s one of those things I knew what I was signing on when I took the job. I’ve been in this company for six years now and I’ve been on many overnight trips and even day trips to other cities but still my mum complains. 
I guess it’s because she worries about me, a mother always looks out for her children and that’s what my mum was doing
We left the resort around 5pm and all went to our house, my mum told everyone to come for supper by us. 
As soon as we got home my uncles wanted tea so all the young ladies made tea for them. 
I went up to my room to pack a overnight bag and got all my work files in order, I called my boss to have some files sent home so I could work on them for the client I was seeing the next day.
I didn’t sit too much with the family, I knew I had a lot of work to do and all needed to be done before I board the plane. 
After supper I went back to my room to finish the rest of my work, I had a few minutes before I went to bed so I spent it with my Gorapapa. 
We spoke about work, how he thinks I should live my life. I agree with him to an extent although I don’t think I should rush into marriage now. 
He suggested I choose one of the guys that are interested in me now so that means between Ridhwaan and Asad. 

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