Zinat comes up to me and dramatically starts yelling at me. She has this idea that I’m interested in Ridhwaan and not Asad and that I have lead them on.  
She says before Ridhwaan came along Asad was the one I was interested in and now because I got Ridhwaan I don’t want to have anything to do with Asad.
I was so embarrassed in front of all the people she goes crazy on me. 
I knew she wouldn’t stop until I did something so I took her outside I made her sit in the car and I got in, I asked her to calm down and really think of how silly she looked in public screaming like a crazy woman.
Firstly it has nothing to do with her although she is my best friend and Asad is her cousins friend she has no right interfering in my decisions. 
After a long talk she finally agreed to stop interfering in my affairs and to let me sort out my own life. She didn’t agree to my decisions but I’m hoping she keeps to her promise.
As if I needed more drama in my life and just when I thought I was getting my life back to how it was. 
Anyways when we got home we had a slumber party in my room. It was hilarious how we fit 12 ladies in one room and 6 men in the other, there was no place to walk when we were all together in one room.
We did some really funny things, it was after a long time that we had so much fun and also just being together. 
In the morning I had to rush to work so I left everyone to sleep and sneaked out of the room. 
I decided that I needed to get things straight with Asad and Ridhwaan so I invited them both over for lunch. 
I arrived a few minutes earlier because I didn’t want them to see each other and decide to go away I also called them 5 minutes apart so they wouldn’t meet in the parking lot. 
Lucky for me Ridhwaan was very punctual so he pitched on time while Asad was a few minutes late from the time of our meeting. 
I got to chat to Ridhwaan a little and explained to him that having both of them in my life just complicated things and then they came to know about each other and we’re invited to the same functions and this lead them to think that they in a competition and I was the prize. 
He understood where I was coming from and he apologized for his bad behaviour. A short while after we had our conversation Asad arrived and I explained to him the same thing. 
He also understood and apologized although it took him a bit longer to get off his ego wagon and back to reality.
I was glad that we three could be at the same table and have a good time especially after all the drama we’ve been through. 
I agreed to be friends with them as long as there were no ulterior motives from either side. 
After lunch I went back to the office feeling so much relief that things were finally sorted out and I could live my life peacefully. 

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