After last night’s talk I woke up today feeling so good, I have Bhade papa who understands me and the situation and I can stop stressing.
I went to work with excitement and I enjoyed what I did after a long time. Slowly the old me was returning and this made me happy. 
Although the work load for today was a lot since I missed a days work I had no regrets and I felt I could concur it all. 
I had a early morning meeting and I was well prepared for it, I planned everything on sunday evening so I had no worries.
The meeting went off super well and my boss was impressed. I called my mum to tell her the good news, I felt ecstatic that I was back and focused on my work. 
I had a afternoon meeting with a client at a coffee shop so I left the office early, I arrived at the coffee shop only to see Zinat and Asad there. 
I ignored them because I spotted my client and it would of been rude as I was on work time and my client spotted me too.
I went up to my client had a seat and carried on with work as normal, it did annoy me a bit that they were there, what were they doing together kept haunting me but I had to continue working. 
After my meeting I walked out with my client to avoid any confrontation from Zinat or Asad. 
As I got home I got a call from Zinat, “Why did you not come over at the coffee shop, did I do something wrong, why did you ignore me?” she said. 
I didn’t feel the need to answer and I was in no mood to argue and spoil my mood so I told her I would speak to her later and I hung up.
After supper all the cousins decided to go out for ice cream so we went to Ice rock a new place that opened up at the square centre. 
Just as we enter I hear someone call out to me the voice sounds familiar but I didn’t turn to look. 
My cousins kept saying someone is calling you and I just ignored everytime. We were seated, placed our orders and got comfortable when I heard someone calling my name again.
I was sure this time who it was,it was Asad. I got up and walked to him, “You do know this is a public place?” I asked disgruntled . “Yes I do” he replied.
I was highly annoyed at his behaviour and attitude. I asked him nicely to leave me alone and allow me to enjoy my evening. 
He was not too happy about it but I didn’t care. He was rude and arrogant. This just made me more happy with my decision. 
These men were only nice when they wanted something out of me and now they bitter because I do not want either of them. 
While we sitting there waiting for our order to come I see Zinat and Sameer pitch up. Apparently Asad called her to tell her where I was.
I don’t want to argue with Zinat but she has to know that she has no say in this matter and that I’m not interested in what she has to say and who I should be with or listen to.

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