My family from Canada were arriving at 5am so I decided not to go back to bed after Fajr. My brothers left to fetch them while my mum and I prepared breakfast for everyone. 
My dad had to go to shop so he couldn’t spend the with his brother but we all took the day off to spend with them.
When they arrived we all sat together and had breakfast, after that my uncle wanted to go see my dadi, she was at my other uncle down the road from us. 
My cousins, my brothers and I chilled in the lounge chatting about everything that happened in the last few years and also about all the good holidays we had together.
My uncle came with my granny back to the house, we unpacked their bags and I helped my mum with lunch, after lunch we had my dads other brothers and their families over for tea and supper. 
It was a lot of fun catching up on old times and spending time with all my cousins, we usually don’t get much time all together if one of them is not busy then it’s because they not on speaking terms.
I hate family feud it just makes matters worst, since my dad was the second eldest my uncle always made my dad take decisions in family and business matter in South Africa so that created bitterness between the wives and then the children.
My mum always made my sister, my brothers and I maintain a good relationship at all times with the family , she always says life is too short to get angry an don’t speak over trivial matters.
My uncle adores Zinat so he had me call her over for supper, he couldn’t wait to see her and Sameer, Zinat and Sameer came over just before supper.
My uncle couldn’t get over Sameer.”Zinat this is your right match”, he said. He found that Sameer was a perfect match for Zinats big mouth, he always told her she needs to find a husband that will cut off her tongue, she talks too much. 
It’s so weird how my uncle and Zinat get along like best friends, they fight just so much, You would think two teenagers are fighting. 
Unexpectedly Ridhwaan and his parents came over to visit, my uncle all were shocked as no one really knew what was going on, Ridhwaan didn’t inform his parents about Saturdays incident and so they think everything is fine. Well they just came over for a friendly visit.
I didn’t mind but I think he should of told them, I didn’t speak to him as I told myself I’m changing myself for the better and I don’t see Ridhwaan or Asad in my life.
They just complicate my life and I become stressed out, I take my frustration out on everyone who comes near me and no one likes me then. I don’t like me when I’m like that.
After everyone left my uncle came up to me and told me we needed to speak so we went to my room.
“What is going in your life?”He asked.
I told him everything From the beginning, I was scared of how he would react and at the same time had a bit of hope that he would be able to solve my problem. 
“Bhade baapu I can’t live with so much complication so I decided not to see them both and I don’t know why Ridhwaan came here tonight.” I said. 
Bhade baapu assured me that he would take care of everything and that I should only concentrate on my work now. I felt so much of relief knowing I had someone who understood what I was going through and also who was helping my situation get better. 

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