Yes my dear friend Zinat thought it would be good to invite her cousin and how could they leave Asad out so she invited him as well. I think it was the worst idea ever.
What an awkward situation to be in, I can just imagine both of them trying to get my attention and the other would feel left out or that I was givens one more attention then the other. 
We got to the resort around 8am when they just open and walked around looking for a good spot, we finally got settled and relaxed before the rest arrived. 
The guys were all ready to enjoy themselves, we spent hours on the water slides, in the pools, playing games and riding quad bikes.
We had a braai for lunch and relaxed on the grass for the rest of the day, playing board games and getting to know each other.
I spent most of the time with Ridhwaan and I could see it was troubling Asad, I didn’t intend to it just happened. 
Going back home Asad insisted I go back with him, in the morning I didn’t bring my car because Ridhwaan offered to fetch me and I thought why take all empty cars. I felt bad to leave Ridhwaan when I came with him so I refused Asads offer everytime he brought it up. 
Zinat made tea for everyone while we all packed away some of the things. While we were having tea Asad tells Ridhwaan “I see you can’t leave my chick alone.”
Ridhwaan was taken aback and didn’t know how to react, he just walked away. I went after him trying to explain to him that there’s nothing between Asad and I and that he shouldn’t pay attention to Asad. 
I felt terrible and I was so annoyed at Asad. He had to spoil our weekend. I’ll never forgive him for this. 
The day was not over but I was so upset that I left everything and asked Ridhwaan to take me home. On the way home Ridhwaan stopped the car on the side of the road, he got off and paced up and down for a few minutes then returned to the car.
“Please don’t play with my feelings, I love you and I can’t stand that there’s another guy in your life, I want to be the only one, I don’t want you to be with Asad and spend time with me, if you are his girlfriend then we shouldn’t meet again,” he said.
I was too afraid to say anything and I probably would of made no sense since I was so upset and I didn’t want to say the wrong things.
We got to the house I just greeted him and left I didn’t have the courage to spend another minute with him, I didn’t know if he would get angry and the most important thing is our friendship so I didn’t want to have that end because of a silly person. 

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