Ridhwaan calls me to check if we still on for Saturday, we chat a little and then he had to go his mum wanted him to go to the shops. 
I decided to go to bed early as I had a long day at work and had some errands after work. 
This morning my mum was awake early baking and sorting out things in the house, I’m glad I got work so I don’t have to stay home and help, my mum will drive me crazy. 
I didn’t have time for breakfast today so I thought I would get something at work to eat. My mum was hyper at the fact that she prepared breakfast and I didn’t bother to eat but she gave me this added work. 
Asad wanted to have lunch today but there was no way I could fit in lunch, I felt bad but I just couldn’t accept. 
Anyways the day went on with my head way into my work I didn’t even realize what time it was.
My mum called to add more things to her shopping list, I hated that I had to do the shopping, honestly I only love shopping
when I’m buying something for myself.
I got home from shopping and decided to take relaxing bath before maghrib, I really needed to relax and soothe my mind. 
Zinat came over to check on things for our weekend get together and also drop of some baking, she heard my uncle and his family were coming so she baked some things for us. “Why did you make so much Zinat?” My mum asked. “Oh it’s nothing Aunty Ayesha I had to bake my mother in law is coming to  stay over for a few days,” Zinat said. 
She and Sameer planned a romantic evening out, their first date since they got married and it was good before the inlaws came she got to go out. 
So your mother in law is coming, I said. Yeah don’t rub it in, as it is she doesn’t approve of Sameer and I getting married now I have to stress about how she will react to the way I do things, Zinat said in an undertone. 
I can’t wait to see how Zinat handle the whole mother in law situation because Zinat has never complained about anything before she is always cool and calm. She handles situations well. I’m sure she will do good. 
Sounds like a test that you have to take before and after marriage. I hope her mother in law is not too fussy or strict. I wonder when her mother in law will be coming.
My brother had his friends from work over for supper, they have this thing at work that the person who gets the biggest deal for the month has to treat everyone to a home cooked meal. The reason they choose home cooked meal is because most of them are from out of town and away from family so they hardly eat a good home cooked meal.
It’s nice to have them over they all so full of energy, we always have fun when they come over, they always want us to join in their games and discussions, I guess they miss their families so they like the company. 
I have a hectic day tomorrow so I couldn’t stay up and enjoy all the fun, we have to be at the resort early so we get a good spot. Zinat, Sameer, Ridhwaan and myself decided that we would go early and my brothers, Muneer and Asad could join us later in that morning. 

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