Today was a hectic day at work I had back to back meetings, sorting out all the things that got put one side while I was on leave. I hate when work piles up. 
My mum called me today to tell me that Asads parents want to come over on Saturday.”I have plans for saturday, plans I can’t cancel, I said.” How bad would it look if I cancelled on something I wanted everyone to do. 
So I told my mum tell them to come Friday evening for supper. “I will have to check with your dad and Asad, she said.” I was really not in the mood for him so I’m dreading Friday from now. 
After work I went shopping to get some things for our weekend trip. I got some stuff for my mum as well. Zinat also needed to do shopping so she met me to the mall. 
When I got home I did some work and checked my emails before supper, my cousin from Canada emailed to say they will be in South Africa on Monday morning. 
I was so excited will be seeing them after very long, the last I saw them was two years ago when I went to Canada. They will be in South Africa for a month only. I ran downstairs to tell my mum and dad the good news, my dad was excited he will be seeing his brother. 
My uncle is my dad’s eldest brother, my dad has two other brothers that stay in town but he doesn’t get so excited when he sees them as he does for his eldest brother. 
My grandfather passed away when my dad was 15 and his eldest brother was like his father figure so he has utmost respect for him. My granny is still alive, she lives between us and my two uncles, she prefers it that way.
She says she doesn’t want to be at one house too long where she starts feeling like a burden, although all of her son’s have told her she will never be a burden.
As usual my mum had a ton of things planned before our family arrived. She handed out tasks to all of us and gave us strict instructions to have them done before they come. 
They were going to stay by us like always so my mum went into panic mode, she does that when we get visitors although she has her house cleaned top to bottom everyday she finds it not clean enough when visitors come. 
I plan on doing all the shopping after work and going to the Aunty down our street to order all her homemade Indian snacks. My uncle loves to snack all day especially in South Africa, he says you don’t get all these things in Canada. 
I need to get everything done before Saturday because I can’t cancel our weekend plans, it just won’t be right. 

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