Asad showed a little attitude towards Ridhwaan well that’s what I felt but Ridhwaan handled it very well, I guess because he sensed that my brothers and I were not entertaining Asad. 
I can’t believe after knowing that we all not speaking to him, Asad still sat there. He tried to get my attention a few times but I ignored him. Zinat and Sameer came over to drop of gifts, they were giving all those who helped with the wedding thank you gifts. 
Zinat was surprised to see Asad there, she even asked him and he said he needed to talk to me but I’m not giving him a chance. Well after what you did I don’t think you deserve a chance, I know Uncle Muhammed since I was like born and he never took any wrong decisions for his kids.
Anyways the night ended well everyone went home, Asad also left with the rest so I was glad but he messaged me about 5 minutes after they all left saying he is on the patio and he needs to speak to me and he won’t go away until I come out and speak to him. it’s like he was black mailing me.
I went outside and told him to come in I can’t be seen chatting to a guy at my door step what would my neighbour’s say. So what you want, I asked. I want to give you this. 
It was a basket wrapped up so I couldn’t really see what was inside, I took the basket and asked him to leave. After he left I went up to my room and opened up the basket there was a CD on a bed of rose petals and a note that said ” please forgive me.”
I listened to the CD he made in which he apologized and explained himself, he said that he needed time to change his habit and he would love it if I gave him a list of things I wanted him to change like he knows he needs to change how he reacts everytime something happens in his life.
I felt sorry for him and forgave him but I don’t get when he says he needs to change his ways and I must give him a list, is he going to change himself according to how someone else wants him to. 
That’s just wrong, I don’t want him to change I just want him to be more mature when he has a problem not to shut everyone out and think of the world as his enemy. I messaged him to tell him how I felt. 
He was more relieved that I forgave him then anything else. He asked me who I decided to accept, this is not a competition who Allah (swt) has put out there for me I will accept. he didn’t have much to say.
Today was back to work so normal routine, had a few meetings in the morning was free for the rest of the day. I went to see if Zinat was settling in her house, she is packing all her cupboards and getting her house sorted, she didn’t want anyone but herself to do it. 
So Zinat thinks that I should agree to Ridhwaans proposal and not Asads, she says Asad is too much of a drama case and I would have to live with the way he goes on every time he has a problem. 
Ridhwaan and I made plans for the weekend with Zinat, Sameer, my siblings and his siblings. We want to go out to a day resort on Saturday and then Sunday we will chill at Zinats house and watch movies and do whatever comes to our mind. I can’t wait for the weekend. 



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