Ridhwaan and I spent a few hours each day chatting and getting to know each other although my dad allowed us two days only he agreed afterwards that Ridhwaan could come over anytime. 
My family are taking a liking to Ridhwaan and so was I, he isn’t a bad person, he is such a caring person and so loving. Ridhwaan and I planned to go for supper and movies with my brothers and his brother and sister.
We had a lot of fun, we had supper at ocean basket and watched Empire State, you just got to love Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, we went bowling afterwards and got home just after one in the morning. I only fell asleep around 3am.
Today I just lazed around at home in my pj’s watching movies with my brothers, it’s been a long time since I spent my Sunday like this. We didn’t even have lunch we were stuffing our bellies with popcorn since the morning. 
Ridhwaans family were coming over for supper, just a casual supper nothing big or fancy, my dad invited them over so we could get to know his parents more. 
My dad feels before agreeing to marry a guy you must know what his family is like as you will be marrying into his family and would have to spend time with them as well. He says it makes the decision easier.
My brothers and I all got ready just before they arrived, I helped my mum set the table and heat up the food. They arrived just before maghrib, the men all went to the masjid while we ladies made namaaz at home. 
After supper the parents sat in the lounge getting to know each other, we already knew each other so we all played ps3 games in the tv room. 
My brother and Ridhwaan wanted dessert so I went to get for everyone as I was walking back to the tv room I heard a knock at the door. It was Asad, what do u want here? ,i asked.
Just then my mum came to the door, Saaj don’t be rude this is not the way I thought you to treat your guest. Come in beta, my mum said. 
Asad: Assalaamu-alaikum Aunty Ayesha, how are you? 
Aunty Ayesha : Waalaikum salaam, I’m keeping well and you beta? I heard your mum was not well how is she doing now?
Asad: I’m well, my mum is much better by the grace of Allah. 
Oh so now that his mum is well he came back to his senses. His lucky I didn’t tell my parents what he said otherwise he would not of stepped foot in this house. 
Asad : Maaf I seemed to have disturbed you, looks like you have guests. 
Me: We don’t have guest, we have family over and yes you right you have disturbed us. 
My mum told him to ignore me, I don’t know what’s gotten into her, my mum said.  I was frustrated at his audacity to come to my house after all the bad mouthing he did. My brothers know everything so they didn’t give him any attention, My mum introduced Asad to Ridhwaan and his siblings. 



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