Today was my first day back at work I was sad my holiday was over but I was happy I had something to keep me occupied, my boss was ecstatic as he didn’t have to handle all the work on his own, he’s a bit of a lazy worker, he chooses what work he wants to do.
I am swamped with work piled up on my desk, I would usually complain but not today it’s just the thing I need to take my mind of things. 
My mum called to check if I was okay, she worries a lot especially now that I have all this new drama in my life just when I don’t have my best friend by my side all the time. 
Zinat is there for me I know if ever I do need her but I feel like I’m disturbing her time with Sameer. I think the usually outings to the spa, coffee shop and lunch dates are okay as long as she doesn’t have other commitments.
I had a lunch meeting today which I had prepared for before I went on leave so I was totally ready for it. My colleagues were glad to have me back as my boss drives them crazy when I’m not around. 
After my lunch meeting I went back to the office and found a bouquet of flowers on my desk, the receptionist said” a gentleman in a suit left those for you.”
There was no card or anything so I didn’t know from who they were from. It troubled me a bit because I don’t allow anyone to send me anything at work and all my friends and family members know this. 
I left work an hour earlier, I went to see if Asad was doing okay. I didn’t message him earlier because I was afraid he didn’t know that Muneer told me so I messaged Muneer to find out and he said he told him.
When I got there I called him but he didn’t answer my call so I went upstairs to their flat. He was surprised, he didn’t expect me to pitch up at his door. 
Me: I see you not taking my calls.
Asad: I’m not really in the mood to speak to anyone. 
Me: Asad I know you going through a lot right now and the last thing I want is to be in your way. I just find it difficult when you don’t take my calls or reply to my messages. 
There was a few minutes of silence. 
Me: I know this is not the time for this but this situation brings me to this question. 
Asad: Babes you know you can ask me anything. 
Okay woh where is this babes coming from.
Me: Is this how you going to be every times there’s a problem between us? Is this what I will have to deal with? Because this is difficult to understand. You can’t keep running from your problems. 
He didn’t answer any of my questions, he just stood there staring at the floor. I was annoyed by this and I couldn’t stand it. 
Me: Anyways I got to go. I’ll speak to you later if you in the mood.
Asad: Now where you going? Not like you have a date that you rushing.  
Me: Actually I do. My dad has allowed Ridhwaan to come over to our house, this is to help us get to know each other.
Asad: How can your dad do this, he told me I can come for a proposal and now he is allowing you to see another guy. What’s your dad’s problem? Doesn’t he care for your reputation?
Me: Oh so this is helping my reputation me meeting you in public, at restaurants, coming over to your house.
I couldn’t stand there and listen to him talk nonsense about my dad, we had a huge argument about it and I left. I don’t want to see him ever again. How dare he say all those things about my dad and about my character. It’s all clear I know what I have to do.



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