After a good talk with Zinat I headed home and found Ridhwaan there. I was surprised that he would come over when we had one dinner together and I didn’t even say yes to him. So what did he want?
Apparently he thinks that we need to get to know each other a bit before we can make any decisions. He found it inappropriate to call me and just invite me for a date,” I felt it was the best thing to consult with your parents and we would meet here at your home,” He said. 
I have to say he has brains and a good upbringing, my parents thought so too. My dad agreed that he could come home twice and we could get to know each other before we make a decision. 
I was not too happy with this but agreed for my dad’s sake. Ridhwaan and I spoke for a while before he got a call from his mother. 
After Ridhwaan left my mum says that my brother-in-law called and he wants to know what have I decided. I mean really, can he give me some space here. It’s  not a easy decision it’s a decision that will decide my future and I will have to live with this for the rest of my life.
My dad’s best friend Uncle Ashraf and his family came over to visit us this evening. I love it when they come over Aunty Hajra has a nice bubbly personality that gets anyone in a good mood.
Their kids are just a pleasure, so we’ll mannered, they have 3 children, Maseeha the eldest who is 16, Abdullah who is 15and 
Ubaid 13. They live four doors away from us but they practically live in our house, if not one of the kids then Aunty Hajra is here everyday. 
My brothers enjoy the kids because then they also get to be kids and play games, swim all day and my mum doesn’t moan like she usually does when they not around, well at least that’s what my brother Ziyaad says.
Just before supper Muneer messages me saying that Asads mother is not doing well they had to rush her to hospital.
I thought Asad would be going back home but Muneers said he can’t because of work. I felt so sorry for him, apparently he asked his boss for leave for a few days and he got an ultimatum if he doesn’t finish the project he is currently working on he will be fired. 
In my opinion he should just resign and find another job because his mother is more important but when I suggested this to Muneer he flipped, you don’t know how difficult this is for him an all you doing is making it worst, he said. 
I understand where he is coming from but I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings, if I thought women were bad with feelings I was wrong, men are worst. A little suggestion and they all offensive.
Should I call Asad or not? Will he get upset? What if I say something wrong? I know I over think things and then end up doing something wrong, Always happens to me. 
So I decided not to call and wait to see what happens, what if he didn’t want Muneer telling me and then I would cause problems between them.  
I feel like I need a holiday, I go back to work tomorrow but with all the drama in my life I don’t feel like going back. I don’t think my mind is going to be focused on my work. 
Sometimes I just want to put my head in a pillow and cry till everything gets sorted. I know it’s not so much to handle but all at once pressure is a task. It’s so confusing. 

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