Muneer and Asad arrive at the same time that my family do, it was awkward at first but everyone was so calm with each other, my dad and Asad spoke like normal, I was a bit worried when I saw them together but Asad handled things well.
My dad did ask him a few questions like why all of a sudden he decided he wants to get married to me, Asad told my dad that his mother was sick and he didn’t want to wait any longer. Although I know the truth I left it at that. 
After supper Asad comes up to me and says so you heard, I asked him what was he thinking, why did he do this? He didn’t answer all he said was so I’m bringing a proposal to your house. My dad didn’t say yes, I said.
I was annoyed at this point so I just walked away. We didn’t speak to each other for the rest of the evening. When I got home my dad asked me what I thought and I told him that I will do whatever he says he is my father and has every right to decide what to do. 
The next morning my dad called Asad and told him that he can bring his family over the weekend. 
Faheema and Shuaib were leaving today so I wanted to spend all the time I had with them. After breakfast I helped her pack and played with the kids. 
They left after lunch, before they left Shuaib hinted at me to think about Ridhwaan, he was basically trying to get me to say yes to Ridhwaan before he went but I didn’t give him head. I can only make this decision. 
Zinat and I planned a coffee date for the afternoon, she said she needed a break from the housewife duties. Already I couldn’t believe it but she has never been the housewife type, she hates house work. 
I guess you do it because you have to and then it just becomes a part of your life, she said. We spent two hours at the coffee shop discussing her new life, the new adventures in my life.
She is happy in her marriage with her new life, although she doesn’t have so much free time as she did before she now has priorities and more responsibilities and as she put it a new baby to take care of.
It’s surprising how some men after getting married become so dependent on their wives for the littlest of things. Zinat says it’s annoying at times, especially when you busy and they can see it but it’s rewarding at times. It’s all part of compromise I guess. 
Sameer is cool like that, he has lived on his own for four years now away from family so no mother or sisters to do things for him when he didn’t want to do it himself, now that he is married he feels he has someone he can call his family and who is there to take care of him and what he needs.
Zinat said I have to choose the one my heart desires and I have to see myself getting up next to that same person every morning also I need to see myself spending the rest of my life with him and having a family with him but I should also make notes of special things, she has this special list she looked for in a guy to know if he was the one.
Frankly I think it’s crazy but here’s her list:
1) He should love you unconditionally. 
2) He should be the first one to stand up for you even if it means against his family. 
3) He should make you be a better person when you with him.
4) He should have time for you and his family.
5) He should guide you when you go astray especially in your deen.
Please do let me know what you feel about this blog, I would love to hear your opinions, are you getting sick of the Asad and Saaj story or you expecting it to lead to something good?



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