I was in panic mode, what was he up to. My dad kept turning around and looking at me so I knew it had something to do with me. 


When my dad got of the phone I couldn’t resist but ask,what did he want? 

My dad turned around,looked at my mum and said, “our daughter is in demand.”


“That was Asad, he wants to come over with his family, his bringing a proposal,I did tell him that his family hasn’t even seen you but he said he would handle that,” my dad added.


I was astonished and frozen I could literally not move. My mum said that it was too soon after Ridhwaan and his family came but my dad said why not.


What was Asad thinking, I had to call and ask him. He didn’t even bother telling me, I doubt he thought about it himself ,his mother is not well and this is not the time for him to think about marriage. 


I sent him a message asking him why he called and told my father he wants to bring a proposal, that this was not the right time for neither him nor I. 

He messages backed saying there is no better time then the present.

I had to tell Zinat what was happening, my mind was all over the place and I was not thinking rationally. Zinat invited all her family and friends for supper that evening so it was a good time to speak to her. 


I got ready and left before everyone else, I told my mum I would meet them there.  


I stormed in and just blurted out the whole story, I couldn’t wait, I felt a big weight fall of my shoulder and I knew Zinat will have the best advise for me. 


She was jumping for joy but at the same time she was stunned at his sudden move. 


We all know how he feels about me but he never brought up marriage before so was he thinking rationally or was this just a stunt to buy more time and confuse things knowing that I had to decide about Ridhwaan as well.


Zinat called Muneer to check if he was bringing Asad with, She gave him strict instructions that Asad had to be here so we could find out what he was thinking. 


I was nervous now, my family will be here as well. I hope everyone stays calm and remembers why we here, I know they won’t be any arguments but my dad can get a bit too serious at times and I don’t want him interrogating Asad.


Once my dad starts interrogating someone he never let’s go until he gets all his answers. I guess he is looking for the same answer I am but he can be harsh in asking and that could lead to an argument. His temper can get the best of him at times. 



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