I was now more confused then I was before, I had to deal with Asad and his anger as well as family pressure about Ridhwaan.

My mum and dad didn’t push me much to think about Ridhwaan but my brother-in-law was driving me to a point where I felt like telling him nonsense.  

After lunch today my dad had a family meeting to discuss about Ridhwaan and his family and he wanted to hear what we all had to say. I didn’t have much time to think about Ridhwaan, I was more stressed about Asad. 

I called Zinat for advise I really needed to chat. She likes Asad but thinks he is over-reacting, she feels he should of not walked out and left me in the coffee shop, he should of sorted things out and why was he carrying on like a idiot. 

She didn’t want me wasting time waiting for Asad and then to find he is not interested anymore so she contacted Muneer. 

Muneer told Zinat that Asad left to durban, his mum was not well apparently and he decided to stay there for the holidays. 

It made sense in a way but why was he not taking my calls or replying to my messages. I tried again but still the same no answer. I decided to leave things as they are and let them fix themselves. 

Ridhwaan called me later in the day, he wants to meet up. I told him I would think about it but I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do. I don’t want to accept and by doing so give him the impression that I’m interested in him.

I needed a difference in scenery so I called the girls and organized a afternoon out at the spa. It was so refreshing and relaxing. We went for tea and cakes at Isabella’s thereafter and had good laughs at our university days. 

Being with the girls always made me feel good and happy, I can forget all my sorrows when I’m with my girls. 

Just as I pulled into the drive way I receive a call from Asad. 

Me: Salaams, how you?

Asad: Was alarm, I’m good. Listen I’m sorry I ran out the other day, I couldn’t handle the fact that I might loose you and I got the news that my mum was sick the night before so I was already emotional and it felt like it all was happening at once.

Me: It’s okay, how’s your mum now?

Asad: She is okay, the doctors ran some tests and found out she has Cancer.

Me: Oh I’m so sorry Asad, I know this must be a difficult time for you and I understand.  

Asad: Thanks, I’m back if you want to meet up. 

Me: Not today. I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know. 

As soon as we get of the phone I message him to say that Ridhwaan and his family did come over, he is a nice guy and the family was nice as well. My family liked them a lot but I haven’t decided as yet. 

A few seconds after I messaged him the house phone rings, it was Asad, he wanted to speak to my dad, I wonder what he wants.

By Safiyyah Ameer


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