Two days went by and still no news from Asad, I don’t know what else to do, I’ve sent sorry notes, letters, messages, I’ve called a ton of times. 

Today everyone is busy preparing for our guests that will be coming over for supper. I’m a nervous wreck, I’m stressing out,
not only about this guy but about Asad as well. 

The kids were nagging so my mum asked me to take them out for ice cream, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, every one started to annoy me with the teasing and side comments.

I took the kids to milky lane for ice cream and made them play some games to pass time.

I got home and got dressed before the khan’s got here, that’s their surname I heard. As time drew closer I got more anxious and nervous but I couldn’t stop thinking of Asad. 

The khan’s arrived earlier then we expected apparently they hate being late. My mum was stressing according to her nothing was ready. She was exaggerating because everything was done.

To ease my stress my mum called Zinat and Sameer over which was a total surprise to me. I was glad as I didn’t want to be alone with a stranger.  

My brother-in-law introduced everyone, it was awkward at first but they made themselves at home very quickly. 

The khan family consisted of six members the daadi, Uncle Muhammed(father), Aunty Sharifa (mother), Suhaima ( sister), Hassan( brother) and the boy Ridhwaan. 

Aunty Sharifa seemed quiet and Uncle Muhammed looked cheeky, His sister seemed sweet but had a bit of a attitude, the I’m rich so I can do anything attitude, Hassan didn’t say much so I couldn’t really get how he was and Daadi was sweet. 

After supper Aunty Sharifa asked if Ridhwaan and I could speak in private, my brother-in-law agreed but my dad was against it but allowed it. 

We went to the pool side, Zinat and Sameer accompanied us. I was uncomfortable and didn’t know how to start the conversation, I noticed that he also was feeling uncomfortable. 

Zinat asked him a few questions to get things started, I must say he is not a bad guy he seems to be a nice person, he has his own business which he started up on his own so he is a self made man and he has no bad habits like smoking and stuff. 

We spoke until Faheema came to call us in for dessert, I was relieved that this was ending, Aunty Sharifa brought some gifts for me, I felt bad accepting them because I didn’t get them anything. 

After desserts we all sat in the lounge while the parents went on talking,Uncle Muhammed said they liked me to be their daughter-in-law, my dad said that they should ask Ridhwaan how he feels and then let us know and they would speak to me and let them know. 

I was confused, things were happening too fast I couldn’t keep track of what was happening. I thought they only coming to see me here this uncle is saying he accepts me as his daughter-in-law. 

By Safiyyah Ameer


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