We all waited in the lounge anxiously after supper to hear what my brother-in-law had to say, we will be spending a week extra here I got a leave extension and the second news is I found a nice guy for Saaj, I invited them for supper on Tuesday, said Shuaib.

So who are these people, my mum asked. They family friends of ours, I told them about Saaj and they want to come see her, he replied.

I didn’t know I was looking for a guy, I was furious but didn’t say anything. I needed to sort this out before it went too far. 

I tried speaking to my mum but all she said was ” you won’t know if his right or wrong until you meet him”

Next morning I went outside to fetch the newspaper I see  Shuaib sitting on the patio. I’m sorry I should have asked, he said. 

I didn’t want to cause problems for my sister also and spoil her holiday so I just kept quiet and accepted that this guy is coming in a few days time to see me. 

My dad was sitting at the breakfast table, he had his thinking face on, I knew that expression too well. 

So what you thinking of dad? I asked. Are you okay with this guy coming? I mean it’s not like we were prepared for this, he said. 

I didn’t know what to say because I was not prepared for this. I’m just going with the flow. 

I’m not sure myself, mum says there’s nothing wrong in having them come over for a meal, I said.

I didn’t know if I should tell Asad or not, will he get angry if I don’t, I’m in such a fix I don’t know what to do, It never ends, does it. 

I know Asad and I are just friends but I know he has feelings for me, I’m unsure of my feelings for him but I know there’s something there. 

I like spending time with him and speaking to him, he knows how to make me smile and he makes me happy. 

It’s all too much to take in right know, it’s so overwhelming.

By Safiyyah Ameer


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