After fajr I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about how Asad over- reacted. I decided to get some coffee, my mum was in the kitchen already making a pot of coffee. I needed to talk to someone and get it all off my chest.

I had a talk with my mum,I told her about the gifts, lunch and conversations with Asad, I also told her how he over-reacted when I didn’t reply to his messages. 

You have to decide firstly what you want out of all this, do you want just friendship or do you want it to go further then that. Then you should speak to Asad and tell him how you feel and your decision. Accepting his gifts doesn’t mean you accept more then friendship. The key to any relationship whether it be between friends, siblings, partners is communication, she said. 

I messaged Asad to meet me for breakfast, I needed to make things clear with him.
We met at Dulce cafe, he was surprised that I called him over for breakfast he didn’t know why I wanted to see him.

Getting me out so early on a saturday, he said. I had to it is important, I replied. 

Asad: okay so what’s so important.

Me: It’s about you and I, I think you over-react when I don’t reply to your messages, you expect me to be available when ever you want to talk. You have to know that I also have things to do. 

Asad: I know that, I’m sorry yesterday I over did it. I shouldn’t have shouted at you. 

Me: Well here’s the thing I’ve been thinking about us for a few days now, our friendship and if I want it to just remain a friendship but after yesterday I don’t know if we going to work out. 

Asad: Saaj please don’t do this I promise it won’t happen again, yesterday was not me, I took out someone elses anger on you. I’m really sorry. I don’t want this friendship to end, I know you haven’t decided to take this further yet but I have hope and I don’t want to end this now. 

Me: I don’t want a control freak in my life, I’m an independent person I’ve never had anyone tell me how to do things so I need you to understand that we can only take this further if you willing to let me still have that. 

We both agreed that we want this friendship to last and we would respect each other in this friendship. 

I know I want more then friendship but I don’t want to be a emotional fool and just fall in love and think things are going to remain the same. I know I will have to get married one day and everything will change but I’m not ready for that now.

I get home and my sister starts her interrogation, where were u? Why u out so early? Does mum and dad know u went out. She is worst then the FBI, I had a breakfast meeting and mum knows about it, I said. 

She was only so hyper because she needed me to take her to the mall and because she gets hyper for anything and everything. The mall was so busy and we didn’t get some of the things so we drove to China Mall for the rest of the stuff . 

We got home around 4pm just before Shuaib could come, she didn’t want to be out when he arrived. We unpacked the car, got the kids into pj’s before Shuaib came. We chilled out until supper time. 

I have news for everyone after supper, Shuaib said. I hate when someone leaves me in suspense. Gosh what does he want to say? 

By Safiyyah Ameer


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