It’s school holidays and mum wants me to do some shopping before my sister comes with her kids for holidays. My sister comes home every december for a week. So I cancelled coffee at my house with Asad and decided to go to the mall instead. 


Asad insisted on going with me but I refused, I told him that so many people will see us together and will talk. He was not to happy but couldn’t argue with me, anyways I went to the mall and got all the things  mum wanted. 


My sister arrived the day after, I have three days with them before my leave ends so I wanted to make the best of it, I took the kids out to a day resort, we had so much of fun, the kids really enjoyed themselves. 


When we got home I  checked my phone Asad had left so many messages, he must be so angry, I thought. I messaged him to tell him that I was not home all day and forgot my phone. 


I see you don’t care about me, you could have at least told me that you were not going to be free, he replied. I didn’t know what to reply, I didn’t want to make him more furious so I decided not to reply.


My phone rang it was Asad, so now you can’t reply to my messages when you got your phone with you, he said angrily. 

I know you angry  and didn’t want you to get more angry so that’s why I didn’t reply, I said.


We spoke for a few more minutes until my sister called, I told him I would call him back. So who were you on the phone with, she asked. I wanted to tell her but I knew she would give me a lecture on how wrong it is to meet a guy in public and talk to a guy so I left it and just said a friend.


After supper the kids insisted we watch a movie so we all snuggled up in the tv room and watched Happy feet one and two well the kids got through half of part two. It was 11pm when the movie ended, everyone was sleepy and went straight to bed. 


I got into bed and remembered I had to call Asad but it was so late I thought he would be asleep so I sent him a message. 


I don’t understand why he is getting so upset at me not replying, it’s not like I sit with my phone and wait for his messages, I have a life as well and the most important of it all was that we are just friends, it’s not like he rules me. I need to have a chat with him about this.


I can’t allow him to make me feel like I’m on a timer and run according to his schedule, I’m an independent woman and I never had anyone tell me how to do things and how to live my life. This is really upsetting me, he just expects me to be available when he wants to chat besides he knew I was busy this week with my sister around.  


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