I was overwhelmed with emotions and didn’t know how to comfort myself. Asad followed me out, I hugged him and cried my heart out, I felt some comfort, after a few seconds I realized what had just happened, I stepped back and he asked,
Asad: Are you okay?
Me: Jee, I’m okay just a bit emotional. I’m sorry.
I stood there for a few minutes trying to control my tears before I headed back to the house. Everyone was already getting ready for bed. I went upstairs and got into my pj’s and sat on my bed reflecting on all the good times I spent with Zinat.
Around 8am I hear a car pull up into the drive way, I take a peak from the window and see Asad packing bags into the car. I rushed downstairs and bump into Muneer.
Me: Are you and Asad leaving? 
Muneer: Jee we are.
Me: So soon, everyone is only leaving this afternoon and you both came with us by bus, I thought you would go back with us.
Muneer: Actually Asad wanted to leave early, he said he didn’t want to wait for the goodbyes. 
Just then I felt like I was being betrayed, cheated on and empty. I ran out to see Asad, I wanted to know why, why was he leaving so soon without informing me. I wanted answers. I stood there for a few seconds trying to master the courage to say what I felt.
Me: So this is it then? You just going to go without telling me? No goodbyes. Is this how it’s going to end?
Asad: There was no start for it to end. What is the relation between us that I owe you answers? You the one who said you wanted nothing to do with me. 
My heart skipped a beat, it’s as if I was sinking in the sand. I didn’t know how to react. I wanted to hide and cry. I walked into the house and ran back to my room, I was lost, lost of words and emotions, I felt numbed. 
Asad knocks on the door, he comes in and takes a seat on the bed. He sits there clearing his throat several times.
Me: Do you want to say something?
Asad: I don’t know what to say to you, you know how I feel and you made it clear what you want.
Me: What was that the other day with Tasneem?
Asad: Is this what it’s all about? I love only one person and that’s you. Tasneem and I were reading a joke her boyfriend sent her. I laughed a little with her that’s all. 
There were a few seconds of silence between us, he stood up to leave, I immediately said:
I don’t really understand it all, I know there must be some feelings for you because I feel vulnerable when you not around and even more so when I got to know you leaving.
Asad: I know how you feel, I want you to realize it but on your own, I don’t want you to feel you were pushed into expressing your feelings, I have to leave now but we can meet up when you get back home.
I wanted to say more but before I could he left although I felt a bit of relieve, I need to figure all this out and rationally think about this. 
We all got ready and went downstairs for brunch thereafter everyone got their belongings together and ready to leave. 
I couldn’t wait to get home maybe this situation will make more sense when I get home. 
The bus arrived at 1pm, I was relieved that this wedding was over I could get home and relax for a couple days before I got back to work. The bus ride home was quiet, I slept most of the way. 
We finally arrived home, we ordered out supper as we were all too tired to do anything. After supper I received a message from Asad, he was just checking if we got home safely. He said he left something for me in the mailbox. 
I was curious to know what it was, with excitement I rushed to the mailbox, there was a box wrapped in a pretty blue and pink wrap, on the box was a small card which read Check by the rose, something there for you”
I went to the rose bush to find a beautiful Bouquet and a box of chocolates. I opened the box and found a cute little red and white Teddy bear and an envelope. The letter read,
My Dearest
I know we started of as strangers and went to being friends,I don’t know when I fell in love with you, All I know is I love you and I want to be with you only, I know you don’t accept me now but I pray you do soon.
We have spent a few days together and every time I saw you my heart skipped a beat and I had a silly smile on my face which just wouldn’t disappear.
I tried to make you happy but instead made you angry which lead us to drift apart, one mistaken hug has filled that gap to an extent but it’s only you who can bring closure to this beautiful relation.
Thank you for walking by my path, Thank you for accepting my friendship, Thank you for being you.
Thank you for a lovely week and thank you for all that you did. 
I love you.

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