Zinats brother Jameel and a few of her male cousins welcomed the guests as they walked into the hall, they were served refreshments and took their seats. Mostly the women came to the hall as the men went to the small hall where the nikkah was to take place. 
Zinats father walked her in and met Sameer halfway where her dad placed her hand in Sameers hand, they walked together to the stage and took their seats, they both looked so lovely and made a beautiful couple.
Jameel said a few kind words and welcomed  the guests,he also thanked everyone for their immense support and love, thereafter Sameers sister Zainab recited a poem and also thanked everyone in their family and welcomed Zinat to her new family, Moulana read Salami and rendered a beautiful dua. 
Supper was served, Starters were chicken tikka cubes and soji, Main meal was Saucy portuguese chicken, pasta, veggies, butter chicken, pepper steaks, there was a tea table set with fruits, lovely biscuits and cakes and a assortment of desserts. 
There was a long line going up to the stage, everyone wanted to greet the newly weds and take out photos. Time was flying by and we wanted to get done by latest after Esha, we didn’t want to delay the grooms family, they also had a few things they wanted to do before the bride and groom left to the lodge were they would spend the night before heading for their honeymoon.
Zinat was taken to the house before Esha Azaan and the men went off to make Salaah while the women made Salaah in the main house. After Esha the men all came to the main house to receive Zinat. 
Zinats Aunty sang a nice nazm while the family and friends said their farewells to Zinat, left us all in tears.
I hugged her and couldn’t let go, my mum had to take us apart, I felt as if someone was taking a piece of my heart out, I know she felt the same. We childhood friends and have never been separated before. 
Zinat left to go to the farm the grooms family was staying at, which after they would leave to the lodge. Everyone got busy in cleaning up and we all met at the main house afterwards, the atmosphere was so gloomy, we could feel something missing.
Yes our chatterbox was missing,although it was a joyous occasion, we are all happy for her and wish them both a happy and blissful marriage, the sadness of not having her all to ourselves was just overwhelming.
I couldn’t handle it and ran out.

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