I didn’t really understand Zinat, it was as if she blamed me and didn’t care. The next day we all prepared for the mendhi night, Zinat already put mendhi the night before, so the function was just a formality, being a friday with Jummah everything felt so rushed. We set out small gifts for each person to take home and made parcels for the boys side, a few family members from the boys side came for the mendhi. 
My attention was not fully on the function, I was so confused about something but I didn’t know what. I felt empty inside and very lonely. You know that feeling when you in a room full of people yet you feel lonely. I just couldn’t get over Zinats reaction last night. 
The function went well and everyone was happy, the boys side were very happy with the gifts and the treats they all got to take home. Sameers sisters were really surprised at the warm welcome they received and were pleased with everything. 
After they all left Zinats father wanted all the family and friends to meet at the lapa, he thanked everyone for their enormously big warm hearts and thanked them for making all the functions a success, he thanked me for all the help of organizing all the functions and food and making their stay pleasant. He left us all in tears with his warm words.
Everyone rushed to bed as we all knew we had a big day ahead, I tried my best but just couldn’t sleep, I kept tossing and turning and it made me miserable. I kept thinking about Asad and what a hypocrite he is. It’s like I wanted to scream and tell everyone what a cheat he is.
I had to get over it because there were more important things to worry about. The wedding was the next day and I had to pull myself together and concentrate, I took out my Quraan and read a little to keep my mind off Asad and to relax myself. It really helped me and I felt so focused. I managed to get a few hours sleep, everyone woke up for fajr and started to prepare for the wedding.
Some of the ladies started on breakfast while the rest of us got busy setting the hall. It was such a pleasure, we didn’t have to drive up and down from the house to the hall, everything was so simple. The men set up the tables and made arrangements for namaaz facilities for the men and women.  
The caterers, the decorators and florist arrived all on time as arranged and started to work immediately, by 4pm we were all done. Everyone got ready, it was like a mad house everyone running around for things, luckily I moved Zinat out of the main house and gave her a chalet so she didn’t have to panick and worry about anyone and could get done on peace. 
Everyone got done and met at the main house for refreshments, last minute discussions and a little humor to relieve the stress levels a bit. Zinat dressed and came to the main house. She looked stunning in her  lengha and was sure to make everyone spin with her beauty.

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