I received a message from Asad thanking me for a great evening, Although he kind of gate crashed since he didn’t want to stay in the flat alone for a week without Muneer, he did his part to help around and was good company for everyone, he really knows how to have fun. 

Today Zinats Uncle from durban arrived with his two sons Omar and Ahmed and his daughter Tasneem. I sent Muneer to fetch them from the airport, they arrived just before lunch. We all enjoyed a nice lunch before we started preparing for the khatam tonight, I can’t believe we here 4 days already. Time flys by so fast when you having fun.

Aunty Shireen made Red velvet, oreo and fererro cupcakes and some biscuits, Aunty Farida brought savouries from home as she said that for her daughters wedding there had to be something from home. After all the preparations for the evening we had a few hours to relax, so I decided to take a nap. 

I heard giggling and I woke up to check who it was, Asad and Tasneem were sitting in the lounge and giggling away. I went back to my room but couldn’t fall asleep. I should have known a guy like him can only be a flirt. The moment he sees a new girl around he becomes amorous and flirty.

He is such a player, I’m sure his feelings for me disappeared the minute he saw Tasneem and now has fallen in love with her, what a hypocrite. Doesn’t she have any shame, sitting with a stranger and giggling away. I mean really it doesn’t take long for a girls name to get spoilt.

My mum always says a girls should watch her steps, how she behaves , dresses and talks, you never know when someone is watching. Everyone thinks he is a innocent homely boy, if they must just know.

The Khatam was after Esha, everyone was looking so Masha’Allah and Alhamdilillah the khatam went on well. My brother is a Haffiz and He rendered a Qiraat and some beautiful Naats. 

I decided after the function I would tell Zinat about Asads true colours. So I messaged her telling her to meet me at the lapa as it was important.

Me: Zee you won’t believe but Asad is not what we think he is, this afternoon I caught him and Tasneem sitting alone in the lounge and giggling away.  

Zinat: Saaj  this is your important news? 

Me: Yeah, this is important. Is it not?

Zinat: Well you did say you not interested in him, you don’t expect him to sit around and wait for you.

 What was Zinat trying to say, I know I’m not interested in him but if I was and found out his true colours then it would have hurt me. Is she not concerned at all for that and now he’s doing it with Tasneem. I’m just concerned for her.


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