Zinat followed me as I walked out, trying to convince me that Asad is not a bad guy and I should consider getting to know him better before I say I don’t want to talk to him. I refuse and tell her that it can’t happen. Aunty Shireen arrives then with lunch and treats for tonights function. 

Aunty Shireen is just the best, she does what she promises on time and extra, she is just too sweet, as I’m thanking Aunty Shireen for her extra work my phone beeps,Asad messaged me on bbm, I can’t believe Zinat gave him my pin after I made it clear to her I wanted nothing to do with him. 

Asad: Assalaamu-alaikum, I hope you are not angry with me I had no intentions of hurting you.  

Me: Waalaikum salaam, no I’m not angry.  

Asad: I know things got out of hand, please can we at least go back to the way things were before I told you how I feel.

Me: I don’t know.  

Asad: It’s okay, I understand but atleast speak to Zinat and everyone else. Don’t be angry with them.

Me: I won’t

I didn’t know what else to say, I didn’t want to say something I would regret and make things more complicated. 

Everyone got ready for the evening function, we had supper and all met at the hall for the function. There was a few minutes between supper and the function so I went to check on Zinat.

It was like nothing happened, that’s how special our friendship is, we tell each other anything, fight as much as we want but we never let it affect our friendship. I love her to bits my bestie. I’m really going to miss her. Although she is not going that far, but things change after you get married.

She has promised to meet me everyday and that nothing will change but I don’t hold her to her promise because I know how life changes after marriage, more responsibilities and looking after a husband. So she is forgiven for all the promises she made and won’t be able to keep.

We played dumb charades, passing the parcel and many other games. It was all fun and we were all exhausted after all that entertainment. Although most of us met a couple days ago I must say we get along well.

Some of the youngsters decided to meet in the main house and have a late night while the rest went to bed, It was fun, we all said a little about ourselves and chatted until a few of us started to fall asleep, we called it a night around 2am or should I say morning.


Please do let me know what you think about the story, love to hear your feedback.


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