I woke up this morning hoping that today would be a better day. I went downstairs and see that my mum already in the kitchen making sure breakfast is ready. Zinat and her mum were sitting in the kitchen as well, I walked in and greeted, praying no one brings up anything. Zinat doesn’t dare to say a word.

After breakfast I went to the the hall to see the decor for the evening function, we had a night of fun and games planned, just to get everyone in an exciting mood. I get all the games and make sure everything is set. I see Zinat speaking to my mum, I hope she doesn’t tell my mum anything. 

Zinat: Aunty Ayesha, can you please check if Saaj is okay, ever since she got back yesterday afternoon she has been acting weird, when I ask her she just changes the topic.

Aunty Ayesha: Okay i’ll check but maybe she is just tired.

I should have known, every time Zinat can’t get through to me she uses my mum on me and she knows I hide nothing from my mum. 

Mum: Saaj, are you okay? it’s hectic taking on all this responsibility.

Me: Mum it’s not that, I can manage all this. I’m just a bit tired. 

 Mum: Saaj I know it’s something else for one afternoon of errands you never get this tired.

Me: It’s Muneers friend Asad, the one I went with yesterday afternoon, he told me he likes me and it took me by surprise, worst of all he annoys me and I don’t know why.

Mum: How do you feel about him?

Me: Mum right now all I want to do is concentrate on my studies and work. I’m not interested in anything else.

 Mum: Okay hun, then there’s nothing to worry about. You know what you want and you not interested so don’t give much thought to it. When you ready for anything else you will know.

Me: Thanks mum for the talk, it makes me feel much better.

Zinat is in so much trouble, I didn’t want anyone to get to know about this. I rushed downstairs to speak to Zinat, as I enter the kitchen I see everyone there and Zinat is jumping for joy, just then Asad said ” she doesn’t want anything to do with me” 

Me: So you all know and you heard what Asad said so you know what to do, I would appreciate it if no one speaks about this again.


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