Part three


I tried not to pay attention to them and sat down to eat, the food Aunty Shireen made was divine, after lunch the men decided to play some mini golf while the ladies put together the sinni for the wedding day. I had a few errands to do, I had to pick up the biscuits from Aunty Shireens house, sort out the florist, meet up with the beautician and check on the caterers. 

I went to the lounge where all the ladies were to let them know I was going out, I got the whole lecture on how girls shouldn’t go out on their own, especially in a strange town, I was forced to take Asad with, Zinats great idea. Annoying enough that he had to come with, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. I switched the radio on and hoped he wouldn’t say another word.

He was getting to me but why did he annoy me so much? I couldnt figure that out, Anyways I got everything sorted and we were heading back to the farm. I decided to ask Asad what they were going on about at lunch. At first he refused to say and kept on changing the topic so I left it and then he says ” I like you as in really really like you.”

I was in shock, I didn’t know what to say and was definitely not expecting this. We hardly knew each other, how could he like me.  

Me: Oh okay 

Asad: I’m sorry, I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but I do have feelings for you and now that you know it’s up to you. 

Huh? Up to me…

Me: I appreciate your honesty but can we leave it at that, I’m really not interested in anything right now besides my career and at present this wedding.

 Asad: I’m really sorry, I promise I won’t bother you again.

The rest of the way to the farm was like a nightmare, it was awkward and quiet, I can’t believe I’m wishing for this but I wish Asad would say something. We finally arrive at the farm and Asad doesn’t say anything he just walked away. I get to the house and Zinat senses something is not so good.

 Zinat: Saaj, are you okay? 

Me: Yeah I’m good. Sorted everything out and we all set and organized for your big day. I just need you to tell me if it’s just us for tomorrow evening or are there going to be other guests coming?

 Zinat: It’s just us for all the functions besides the wedding but thats not the point right now, are you okay?

Me: Okay great, so I’ll see you later, I so need to relax my head for a few minutes.   

I know she knows what’s going on but I don’t want to give it any importance. I will just have to try to avoid the topic every time someone brings it up. Things were tense at the supper table, it’s like everyone knew something was up, Asad didn’t come for supper, I sent his food to his room but he didn’t want it. I felt bad but I really didn’t know what to do. I hoped that by morning everything would sort itself out.


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