part two


We meet at Zinats house at 10am, all set for our journey to the farm, I’m so proud of myself, we hired 2 buses and planned a fun trip for everyone, well at least for the youngsters, in all singing and clapping I hear some whispering but every time I turn my head to see who it is, it stops…


Strikingly annoying, it’s as if someone was talking about me, I tried to ignore it but I just couldn’t, Zinat was of no help as she was constantly on the phone with Sam, apparently it’s torture to stay apart.

I decided to take out my phone and listen to some nazms, a few seconds after I put my earplugs on, I get a tap on my shoulder. 


“Assalaamu-alaikum”, someone from behind says .

Me: Waalaikum-salaam

It was Zinats cousins friend, His name is Asad

 Asad: So you Zinats best friend? 

 Me: Jee, I am.

Asad: I’m Asad, I’m Muneers friend. 

Me: Nice to meet you. 

I continued with what I was doing, hoping Asad would do the same, but to no surprise he was in a chatty mood. He decided to get comfortable next to me and chatted till we reached the farm. I was amazed that he had so much to say to a total stranger.

I arranged with a lovely lady named Shireen who lives 5 minutes away from the farm to cater for meals, she was kind enough to arrange some workers to help around the farm, although there were workers there, I knew it wouldn’t be enough and I desperately needed the help.

One advantage from meeting Asad was that I got him to arrange a few of his friends to help out as well. Asad was a bit annoying but I somehow didn’t mind as long as he helped, I don’t know why but he was like a ever ready battery always there when I needed something, it freaked me out at times as I was about to say what I needed, he said done. I sure he stole my file with the list of thing I needed to do.

I arranged for everyone to meet at 1pm for lunch at the lapa, as everyone arrives I see Zinat walking towards me with the biggest smile on her face, thinking she was smiling because she is happy with all the arrangements I made, I say ” glad to see you happy with everything.”

Zinat: I’m smiling for a different reason, she says.

Me: Okay what are you smiling about? 

 Just then Asad screams out, “Zinat don’t tell her now.


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